PC PvP Server - AoC/Pippi...fresh 7/2, 3x gather/xp


Looking for new players for our server. Use Age of Calamitous and Pippi mods. The admin is very fair, does not interfere unless necessary, and holds events for everyone regularly.

Server (NA) is 3x gather and xp, max level 120. It is a PvP server, raid times are 5pm-1am central time. It is the least toxic PvP server I’ve ever been a part of. Also, the server has no memory cap, so everything is very smooth.

The alphas of the server also help new players get started. They also build bases throughout the map that anyone is free to raid and get some endgame loot from.

Join our discord for full list of rules: https://discord.gg/SgCJhFg
Direct Connect: