PC GOING LIVE TONIGHT AT 5PM 7/26 CST PvP Apex Reborn FRESH WIPE Pippi, AOC & emberlight Mods


Apex Reborn FRESH WIPE, server opening up Friday, 7/26 at 5pm CST. Pippi, AOC & emberlight Mods
Server (NA) is 3x gather and xp, max level 120. It is a PvP Age of Calamitous server, raid times are 5pm-1am CST. Max clan size is 3 for this go-round. Server will wipe every month OR two months (we’re undecided still…plan to get input from our members) Admin has created a city full of quests, player and admin vendors, as well as PvP and PvE arenas. If you are tired of the same old Conan Exiles the Age of Calamitous breathes new life in to the game with 5 factions and a ton of new craftables, enemy’s, thralls, POI’s and Journey steps. This is more than enough to keep you going for months. Server pop will be increased as players growth continues.

We have a solid community going. Looking for a few more clans to join us and make this one of the best AoC PvP servers.

Join our discord for full list of rules: https://discord.gg/SgCJhFg