PC APEX Reborn PVP Start 05/30 No Gods/5x Server with AOC & Pippi

APEX Reborn PVP Start 05/30 No Gods/5x Server with AOC & Pippi
Server IP:

Hello All, Apex Reborn is a PVP Server with 5x harvesting rates and 3x Exp rates.
We have the Age of Calamitous and the Pippi Mod.
If you are tired of the same old Conan Exiles the Age of Calamitous breaths new life in to the game with 5 factions and a ton of new craftables, enemy’s, thralls, POI’s and Journey steps. This is more then enough to keep you going for months.

Server is set for a 30 player max at this time but it we hit that I will bump it up to the 40+.
Server Setting

Setting Value
Max Nudity Full
No Ownership False
Can Damage Player Structures True
Offline Players Remain In The World True
Durability Multiplier 100%
Drop Equipment On Death True
Everybody Can Loot Corpse True
Day Cycle Speed Scale 100%
Day Time Speed Scale 3040.29%
Night Time Speed Scale 100%
Dawn Dusk Speed Scale 100%
Player Health Multiplier 100%
Player Stamina Multiplier 100%
Stamina Cost Multiplier 100%
Item Spoil Rate Scale 80%
Harvest Amount Multiplier 500%
Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier 200%
Global Chat Enabled True
One active Admin on everyday, and response in discord. If you are looking for a Great New Server then this is the one Started on 5/30 with a strong following. I look forward to having you join the Server.

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Very cool server, one thing i really love is the admin is very active and doesn’t have a player character that raids or anything. Nothing worse than someone raiding your base with an admin password for the server, which has happened to me on other private servers! Everyone seems pretty friendly and not scorched earth raiding, give this server a try :slight_smile:

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Awesome server! Like auranger said, the admin doesn’t pvp. He just manages the server. Multiple PVE events set up that are awesome. Very clean server so it doesn’t lag. Couldn’t be maintained better. Community is awesome as well. PVP is fun and like auranger also pointed out, no scorched really going on. Age of Calamitous mod is so perfect as well. Tons of content to keep you occupied for quite a while. 10/10 rating.

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Discord https://discord.gg/vKqtgmM

Come join us this weekend

Server is growing come join us