Rp PVP server Dominion 4x

{Pc Gamers} Dominion, is a role play , pvp server with limited rules . Designed to not take away from the pvp experience and combine the role play aspect some players enjoy . Join the discord discord.gg/2QemKVkd7J for more information! Come build a new home. Server is currently 4x, Weekend raids, and we will always welcome all players.

Raiding requirements are you must Declare war 48 hours in advance and Role play the Event out Via discord with the opposing clans. Once you Decide to war with another clan you must also name all allies who will be joining in your adventure. The opposing team will have 48 hours or till next raid time to try and make amends. Our goal is that raiding will always be online players. however, if the Opposing clan does not respond, then the war is still on regardless.

Bounty’s - you can place a bounty on a player for any reason. In order to claim the bounty they must provide a screen shot of the dead player or his stuff. Then come up with a Good story of how it all went down.

If you wanna be a murder and go around ganking players you can, just post a good story.

The plan moving forward- After weekend raids, The server will be 4x for Monday, and on Tuesday we will have Pvp events or Admin Spawned Events. Where players can get Cool weapons or thralls. Based on my Schule.

At the Sentinels currently there is free stuff for your start, Thralls gear and weapons. come make use of it!

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come claim a new home in Dominion




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