Looking for RP server pretty please :)

Hi everyone :slight_smile: so conan is one of my favorite games. reinstalling it after a few weeks without a computer. however i am looking for a RP server. now i don’t want a RP server that isn’t populated and i don’t want a RP server that has boosted stats. frankly want the normal PVP experience with RP. could be awesome like tribes fighting tribes because land/trade disputes. or fighting because of religious differences. i want to make sprawing empires. but be forced to have elections could have many RP oppurinitys. diplomacy war everything goes so if ANYONE knows a server. with these are would be willing to invite me to their own. that would be super you can add me on my steam is Waluishe hope to see som replys :slight_smile:

You may like to check out our server. It is light RP so it may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but we do have players that really enjoy RP. Commenting because you might enjoy the PVP aspect of our rules. :slight_smile:

My friends and I just started a vanilla RP-PvP server and are looking for those that want a home and a community.

That link is expired! Please send me another

Sounds like we are the sort of thing youre looking for. We are slightly boosted but we have a level 300 cap so it balances out somewhat.

New Lordore RP PvP

Come and join our new, but populated server. If you aren’t happy with the drag of Officials, are looking to dive into something different with helpful rules and active friendly admins, this is the place for you. Once players who felt Officials were too harsh and intense but still loved PvP, we decided to create our own server that is fun and extensive.

Please feel free to join our discord for more information including Kingdoms, Roleplay and mod info. Speak with our friendly community and get stuck in.

(please be aware that we have a whitelisting system in place to protect our players)