PS4 swaped to PC looking for RP friends :)

Hey guys! so I love conan I have been playing it sense It launched on playstation. recently have gotten a PC. the game is now 100x better except for one major issue. I no longer have an RP group. is anyone willing to RP with me. I play on official PVP servers. so we have the vary basic functions. I am not looking for a dedicated RP server do to dumb restrictions as well as being banned for decided to raid (which was part of an RP) even if you do not want to be in my clan. RP will work either way we can be nations that deal in diplomacy. let me know!!! ill send you my steam profile if interested :slight_smile:

Hey there! I’ve tried for quite some time to find people to RP with, I do rent a server and for awhile it was rather busy, but most (rather all) people has since then abandoned the server. So if you’re interested, we can probably come to an agreement in regards to server-settings and I restart it. That diplomacy part got me hooked :smiley:

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I would love to talk more about it :slight_smile: whats your steam name???


Hey! Been looking for a new server without crazy settings, mods or ridiculous rules. Let me know if you get somethin goin.

it is a normal PVP official server. just roleplaying within it to avoid those vary issues

sounds awesome. what’s the direct connect? I’ll join in the morning when i get off work