Looking for voice rp server

It’s been hard to find a voice rp server as typing has become something of a job and chore for rp now. I am seeking a rp/pve/pvp voice rp server as a streamer.

we have just started a new one bud its called The Barbarian Age Relaxed Voice Rp Server have a look and see what you think

I was recently informed of this also by my clan mate.
I have a lot of questions before I simply jump into a server. The reason for these questions is do to the tire of constant grinding. I’ve done it too much now and with things already broken in the game such as the frost forge and obsidian forge it’s not something I care to do anymore. Nor do I care for the level grind. I prefer to get right into the building, get that done and relax the rest of the time for rp. I would prefer that I be given the gear I need for the south, and the north considering.

  1. will you level boost,
  2. will you provide the building mats that I prefer to use or will I have to grind them.
  3. will you provide a specific rp outfit that I will require for my character?
    Please note that my mic sometimes gives out and I often have to do relogging. in as such I can through that into my character bio as some sort of magical hiccup of sorts.

the harvest rate is 5x and the level gain is 5 too

and no it is relaxed rp so just what suits you bud