The Barbarian Age Relaxed Voice Rp Server

Hi there we have just started a brand new voice Rp server and would like to invite everyone to try it, Please feel free to join our discord to find out all the information you need ,We have a group ready to play and look forward to anyone who wishes to join us wether it be new to Rp or an old hand, It is a Relaxed Rp server and we want to focus more on the Rp than anything else so we have changed a few settings like harvest rate which is now at 5x, We have left the difficulty the same as we enjoy the challenge, We all look forward to meeting you and growing into a flourishing community with you all.

We look forward to meeting the new faces that wish to join the server, We are now at 10 members and growing steady considering we have only been live for 2 days :slight_smile:

The sever we have is so much fun and the players are top quality rp’ers

This is a PC Server Just for information



Love Rping on this server it so much fun cant wait to see some new people :slight_smile: