The Roleplay community for CE

Hello! Please feel free to come visit us at Conan Exiles RP

We launched while the game was still in production and have been the place for the roleplaying community of Conan Exiles ever since. While there is discussion, stories, art etc., at the site what it’s best for is helping players find private RP servers and for server owners to showcase their servers. There’s literally something for everyone with over 2k users and a robust server ad listing that gives you the information you need as a player to find the kind of community you are looking for.

There are, of course, other RP sites out there on the web but I feel CE RP offers something for everyone and remains a consistent source of quality RP servers and players. Do you own a server and want to increase its population? Post your ad! Are you a player looking for a forever home or a wide variety of experiences? We’ve got you!