Looking for PC PVE server

I’ve been playing exiles for a couple months and am interested in joining a PVE server with mature players. I enjoy building and quests as well as light Rp. Still learning the finer points of the game and do not have any experience with playing on a server.

Located in the U.S.
Have voice capability
Full nudity and mature content are fine (we’re all adults after all).
Mods (interested in trying Age of Calamitous)

If you have room and don’t mind a relative noob, drop me a line.

Hello there, there are many good pve modded servers out there. If you don’t mind mature content, try Chains of Hyboria, Dark Debauchery, or Cursed Sands, pretty good rp players and fun community overall in all of them. Also, good admins, as long as you abide to a few building rules and such. Age of Calamitous has a server on its own you should also try (name is Age of Calamitous I think too). Welcome to the wonderful world of private modded servers, a totally different experience from officials.

You may see some are pvp servers, but as a norm, pvp is roleplayed first, not kill on sight (that usually gets you a warning or a ban, it’s bad ettiquete), so don’t let that draw you back.

One thing only, right now there are plenty of issues with mods since the latest hotfix, so you will encounter problems with placeables and other things, that Funcom (with release of devkit) and modders are trying to solve as soon as they can. I advise some patience over the weekend until all gets sorted and settled.

Thanks miodeleo. The list of available pve servers when you select “play online” is daunting. Had no idea where to begin. I’ll check out the ones you suggested.

I’ve heard the horror stories about WoW and some of the other MMOs and was looking to avoid anything like that. Maybe once I’m more proficient with the game I’ll give it a shot.

Had the same issues with placeables in my solo game this week too and had to dump all the mods and start over. Hope they get if fixed soon.

If you are interested in a PC pve server we have room. Only 4 people on it and we all know each other. Played back and such

We are RP and PvP, Heres our link if you wanna check us out :slight_smile:


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