Looking for servers

Are there any “None RP” servers that don’t have a crap ton of rules? If you know any please drop me the Direct Link.

Hey there, I think our server would be a perfect fit. We are an RPG server, not an RP server. And we have VERY FEW rules. Our building limitations are extremely generous and flexible. We are a very relaxed pvp community with an emphasis on expanding content and pve challenges. I’ve added 7 dungeons (and counting) new adventure zones, and a 20 round scripted fully automated arena. Check us out.

(Development Update (Week 4) - Crom's Wrath - Dungeons, Arena, Quests, Weekend Raid, New Zones, 3x (pc na))

DISCORD: discord.gg/3Akrw5RM2H
Direct connect:

I’m in the same boat as you. I just keep getting roleplay servers answering back and no pvp ones. So frustrating. Then they have a Bible length rule list and I’m like holy cow I’m not up for all that. Lol

I have created a PvP server with my friends today 01/06/2021, it is a x3 exp and x2 farm with an economy system and a market in which to spend the money.

At the moment we are 6 but we are waiting for people to enter the server

Direct connect:

I set up a new one today.
[EU/DE]Adventure Society X/Hx2 NEW31.05

  • Map: Exiled Lands
  • IP:
    Offline Raidprotected.
    We running AOC and EWWA.

Oure Rules are Basyicly: Dont be a A*hole, no Cheats, no Bug abuse.

No Building restrictions.

Perfect for all who want to pickl the best Spots on the Map because its a new Server.
A Wipe is not planed for the next few Months.

If you want to visit, your very Welcome!

I responded to your other post, but I’m reading your post and it sounds like something I would write.
Nothing frustrates me more than seeing some google document of 12 pages of overbearing rules lol.
We have very few rules, but they are strictly and evenly enforced. That’s all you need imho.

My server is PVP 24/7, and Raid only weekends for a few hours. But it’s also very chill and relaxed.

yeah ummm most of these popular server for the bible like rules you can blame trolls and nasty people for that … you see most server started off relax but then as time move on stricter rules had to be enforced because of troll player would skirt the rules and bend it to their advantage keep that in mind.

sadly this is so true :frowning:

Did y’all close the server? I can’t find you.

The Path of the Exile (PC, EU, PvE, Savage Wilds)

Are you going to be adding more mods to your server?