Development Update (Week 4) - Crom's Wrath - Dungeons, Arena, Quests, Weekend Raid, New Zones, 3x (pc na)

Another major update this week with the release of a new adventure zone, two grids in size, with over 150 spawns of thralls, animals and bosses. The zone features a major quest line and side quests, with unique loot items and over 25 dialogue NPCs.

Players can pick up the quest to explore the new area organically by talking to a variety of NPCs placed in the existing worldspace.

This Week:

  • New adventure zone, “The Lost Valley” is now live.
  • Added the missing “Beastmaster Teimos” thrall back onto Savage Wilds available in the new adventure zone.
  • Added more unique decor items to loot tables
  • Added more foul spawns nearby locations already know to spawn foals (to compensate for additional demand on foals for Lost Valley quests.

Crom’s Wrath - Dungeons, Arena, Quests, Weekend Raid, 3x

  • PVP with weekend raid

  • Balanced mods

  • QOL settings, fast craft, etc.

  • Automatic server mod updates for ease of connection

  • Active and helpful admin

  • Very relaxed rules and high building limits

  • Economy with central hub and player shops


Direct connect:

Previous (Week 3)

  • 5th and 6th Challenge of the Gods quests are live: Derketo and Zath.

  • The loot table of the gamble merchant was effectively doubled.

  • Reduced the purge meter trigger values and update interval to result in approx 10% more/earlier purges.

  • Added 3 new warp locations to the hub portal room and updated the wall map.

Previous (Week 2)

The big addition this week is a fully scripted, fully automated 20 round arena. Almost a game unto itself this arena saves your progress for up to 18hrs so you can take breaks while you progress through the challenges. Completing the arena gives access to the Pantheon which is a special award chamber where players can collect exclusive weapons, skins and pets.

  • Automated arena added.

  • The 3rd and 4th Challenge of the Gods quests are live: Crom and Set

  • 24 more pet types not usually available in the game were fully tested for balance and added.

  • 4 more unique “world bosses” were added to the map."

Previous (Week 1)

  • The first two major Challenge of the Gods quests are live: Dagon and Jhebbal Sag.

  • The vendors for gambling, rare/mod pets, player shop and wearable disguises are live.

  • A linear rpg-style story quest for low level players was added.

  • A linear rpg-style story quest for medium level players was added.

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