CROM'S WRATH - As featured on Conan Exiles social media today - [PC NA] - New Dungeons, Arena, Quests, more

Come see what it’s all about!

CROM’S WRATH on Savage Wilds

Crom’s Wrath is focused on keeping the balance and feel of Conan Exiles while adding RPG-style quests and dungeon crawling opportunities. Maintaining pvp balance and immersion is our top priority. All types of content introduced into the server are tested with that in mind.

Exclusive offerings:

  • Massive new dungeons.

  • 20 round fully scripted and automated Arena

  • New Adventure zone “The Lost Valley” featuring major quests with 150 spawns and dozens of NPCs with dialogue”

  • “Challenge of the Gods” quest series with 9 additional new dungeons or areas

  • World bosses and scattered NPC merchants

  • Quests for players of all levels

  • Custom thrall followers

Additional Server Details:

  • Vibrant economy with busy player market, wtb/wts discord channel, etc.

  • Active, helpful and engaging community.

  • Fully developed server guide explaining all new content.

  • Casual PVP server with weekend raid.

  • Hub portal room to augment caravan travel system.

  • Exciting new collectible items, gear, wearables, décor, and more.

The Basics:

  • Casual PVP server with weekend raid.

  • 3x, QOL settings, faster nights, fast craft, etc.

  • Active and helpful admin.

  • Very relaxed rules and building limits.

  • Carefully selected and balanced mods.

  • Smooth running server.

  • Automatic server updates for limited downtime.

  • No decay, No wipe.


Direct connect: