CROM'S WRATH has active players almost 24/7 every day! - - - Brand new Dungeons, Scripted Arenas, RPG Quests, Battle Royale, Vibrant Economy, and more

I played Conan for thousands of hours before starting this server. I’ve seen the good and bad that this game has to offer and I reached the conclusion that the type of server I wanted didn’t exit. So, with a clear vision of what I wanted to build, I started Crom’s Wrath.

Crom’s Wrath is a server that strives to keep the traditional “atmosphere” of Conan, while offering so much more. That means we have no magic, no overly powerful items, no elves, no fancy royalty. We don’t have any of the things that are commonly affiliated with modded servers.

We’ve kept the core Conan “low fantasy sandbox” experience.But at the same time we expanded the world to offer game-play variety that more resembles a MMO than vanilla Conan. Here are just a few of the things you will find on Crom’s Wrath:

VIBRANT ECONOMY: In addition to trading with other players on merchants, there is a virtual economy always working behind the scenes. Ever wanted to raise animals for profit? You can on Crom’s Wrath.

DUNGEONS GALORE: You love dungeons. I love dungeons. Everyone loves dungeons. I guarantee there are more dungeons on Crom’s Wrath than on any other server, including those running the big overhaul mods. Ever wanted to explore tons of new challenging locations and get new items without having to grind hundreds of levels or use unbalanced mods? You can on Crom’s Wrath.

BE A GLADIATOR: Are you not entertained? Crom’s wrath offers two arenas. The first is a fully scripted, fully automated 20 round PVE Arena with progressively difficult challenges. The second is a PvPvE “full gladiator experience” where you and your opponent will face off against each other while avoiding a variety of surprising threats designed to keep you on your toes and make the crowd roar.

STORY QUESTS: Are you used to “quests” being a word used to describe “xp boost” quests set up by admins to give you a faster leveling experience in exchange for 10,000 obsidian or some other item fetch? Bah! That’s not a quest. A quest is when you visit a far away land to help save a village under attack from blood thirsty cannibal raiders. Experience that quest and many more on Crom’s Wrath.

And so much more! New content and features added all the time!


  • Upgraded server with highest possible CPU and SSD speeds.

  • 3x, faster nights, faster crafting, etc

  • .Relaxed rules and generous building limits

  • Automated server updates for limited downtime

  • No decay, no wipe

  • Massive, well organized server guide on discord

Direct connect:

You forgot to mention the battle arena. i haven’t done it yet, but the responses of those that have seem to like it. Been there 3 weeks, and definitely like savage wilds map alot so far.

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