Lf community server patreon

hi my name is Roberto-B im looking for an place to enjoy conan exsiles i prefer vc because i dont like texting inside game for its better to have direct contact with the persones i play i hope this community have somthing offer i also wanted to be part of an patreon community so if anyone is intrested just sent me an p.m.

Check out my server Crom’s Wrath. It’s a very casual and fun group of active players. We specialize in exclusive custom content like dungeons and automated arenas and rpg story quests. We have a patreon also where people can support the communtiy and where members get early access to content updates and an opportunity to give early feedback.

interested in transfering to 1762 pvp official america the server needs population and has alot of spots to build and is relaxed safe building community we can also offer some starter tools if you need them

if you need a new home for your clan and friends then check it out

we are a friendly group that keeps the peace for the innocent

the server is not cluttered anywhere on the map