PVP/PVE New Conan Server Slave of Crom (Trade Center Includes) New Server


We opened new server we master experince conan players with in game shop trade without mod 7/24 support and good latency with highly controling with community and has developers to developing server everythings on above

you can check tradable items and shops in discord or here is a link

TRADE SYSTEM(Playing Discord game + In game Fragment of power)
in here cant add image or link system says cant add link so you can check in discord page if you want
or paste links to your browser



Has Starter Pack
Starter Pack:
Hardened Steel Spear
Hardened Steel Pick
Hardened Steel Hatchet
Hardened Steel Waraxe
Hardened Steel Shield
Hardened Steel Sickle
Hardened Steel Skining Knife
Hardened Steel Cleaver
Aloe Potion 10x
Gruel 100x
Bandage 10x
Encumbrance Light Set x1
Fighter Level 3 x1

[EU] SLAVE OF CROM [PVP/PVE] [START 25.06.2022] With Starter Pack

x3 Level XP
x3 Harvesting
Fast Crafting

Welcome to the forums and good luck with the server :smiley: