Huge New Dungeon! - CROM'S WRATH - [PC][NA] - Development Update (Week 5)

I’m having a blast making new content for the players on my server. This week’s update is focused on a massive (and I mean huge) underground dungeon crawling zone!
This dungeon is comparable in size to the largest funcom dungeons such as midnight grove or warmaker. This dungeon is more dark and treacherous than anything I’ve previously made. And huge. Did I mention it was huge?

It’s open to all players at all levels, not gated behind level or quest. It gets more challenging as you descend, so players can climb back our (or warp out to the hub) when they reach their limit.

Only the best will make it to the bottom of The Descent!

TONS of updates this week.

This Week:

  • New massive dungeon, “The Descent” is now live.
  • Added 17 high-health “Mega pets” to the Pantheon reward room carefully selected to be comparable in strength and resilience to a top-tier thrall (tested vs Dalinsia)
    Pets are a viable option again!
  • Added more scattered NPC merchants selling special gear, pets and wearable disguises.
  • Added more world bosses.
  • Added a full “spoiler section” on the discord with organized google documents that can help struggling players with finding specific drops, finding NPCs and dungeons, completing story quests.

Crom’s Wrath - Dungeons, Arena, Quests, Weekend Raid, 3x

  • PVP with weekend raid

  • Balanced mods

  • QOL settings, fast craft, etc.

  • Automatic server mod updates for ease of connection

  • Active and helpful admin

  • Very relaxed rules and high building limits

  • Economy with central hub and player shops


Direct connect:

For updates during weeks 1-4 see the following old thread:
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Update Bump:
Week Six:

  • Added an expansive new NPC vendor “marketplace” to the city of Murun, that not only sell-to, but also buy items from players to give new ways to earn gold.
  • Added more world bosses and world “cluster boss” spawns.
  • Added a new small dungeon with simple quest.
  • Added a custom thrall follower.
  • Adjusted the 1 month inactivity policy to allow players a chance to “Guilt-free raid” inactive clans before admin-deletion after 1 month.