CROM'S WRATH - 1 year anniversary update - now with OPTIONAL raid. FRESH WIPE TODAY

Massive update today. Multiple new dungeons, new guild, quests, RPG “alternative starts”, custom designed exclusive weapons and more. Major settings/rules change with no-raid “safe zones” for players who want to opt-out.

Wiped 04/29 on our 1 year anniversary.

In celebration of the anniversary we’re also doing a base building contest with a $50 steam gift card prize.

There was already too many things on Crom’s Wrath to list, and this is the biggest update I’ve ever made. This server has an overwhelming amount of exclusive content for you to enjoy.

Join the discord and go to the “admin-feed” channel to see the full description of things added tonight. Get ready to scroll.


We ran 3 rounds of Battle Royale last night. Had 15 players. Much fun was had by all.

Bump. Server is still active and growing. New content being added all the time.

Looking for an rp server, wanting to know if there is a discord link to check out. Thanks let me know.

Still adding new content all the time.
See the most recent addition here:

Huge new update coming soon also.