IT BEGINS! Halloween Event. 2x damage. long nights. 30 extra bosses. Exclusive custom weapon drops you unlock for all future seasons. Instant free Max Level when you join during the event!

w/ raid cooldown rules.

  • Engaging and fun discord. Come for the Conan. Stay for the Memes.
  • 3x boosted
  • Deco and construction mods. Common sense rules. Generous building limits.

Crom’s Wrath is a casual pvp, limited weekend raid community that has existed for almost 2 years. It’s a great “long term server” home for most of our players who either play with us continuously for years or return again many times. We have an active community with nightly peaks of 15+ players and weekly peaks of 25+.

The new player market is a great place to trade normal goods and special rare items added by my server mod or other mods we use. There is space for 80 players to add a free merchant, and I will expand it if needed.


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Some pictures of the new Glacial War Horse

Slots = bearer
Health = 35k approx
Size = about 5% bigger
Skin = exclusive
Other = Still fights for you like the old horses used to.

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Looking really good shame we can’t do something like that on our ps4 we have had running since game hit console.


+ 3 days of fun, terror and limited edition loot drops

More details announced soon.

Halloween Event Began Today!

Players get tokens that drop from the extra bosses and turn those into an NPC to get credits that unlock the special weapons for every new season going forward. The bosses also drop the weapons themselves so players can enjoy them right away.

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