I made a new custom horse, saddle, and lance for my server. Looks like "Hellboy, the horse"

I made a custom Horse, saddle, lance package for my server. Just a retexture, except the Horse is 10% bigger and has 20 inventory slots. I was going for sort of a “Hellboy, the horse” look. The idea is the undead horse was killed in a battle in a burning forest and then it’s burned and smoldering body was reanimated and claimed along with the saddle and lance that were also affected by the fire. Going for kind of a molten/“color case hardened” and heavily oxidized look.

This season we created “Safe Zones” on our map so players could opt-out of raid if they wanted, but I wanted to come up with a special reward for the players that stayed in raid areas.

So the players who get raid blessings from the raid-NPC on our server become eligible to get this horse, saddle, lance combo after they buy 9 raid blessings.


Beautiful work m8 :+1:t6:. Congratulations!!!
I wish I was on pc :confused:.
Nonetheless I am happy for your members :grin:


Looks really great :+1:



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These are so lovely. I adore subtle changes that add flavour.