My horses escaped!

So, you gave us mounts and stable building pieces, the problem I’ve noticed, is that building a “stable” like area to house your horses after every mission can end up being a huge building in order to be able to actually place multiple horses in one area for a clan. I’m not sure if it was because making the smallest “stable” like building you can puts the horses “too close to another thrall” to “place and guard”, or if “stop following” is still basically a command to “go back to your previous spot”, but I attempted to put 6 horses in my building structure, one horse per block, (which as I said, is “too close to place” so I “stopped following” when I placed them) and they all walked out the gates and were just standing out in the field.

yea they are under the same limits as everyone else, ur clans gonna haveto start takin em to bed lol

I’am not a pvp player and it work find for me

stop following just makes them wait for you, If you don’t return after a time they will return to the last place you told them to stand and guard. that is their home.

I don’t know if this will work but, try telling the first horse to guard in the stable then have it follow, tell it to wait outside, place second horse to guard have it follow. ect so that when they return to guarding they will be in the stalls.

this worked for thralls last year, but I haven’t played in a while so I don’t know if it still works.

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Inside the stable. To hourses are ut in the exile land.

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