Get the horse off me!

Playing last Sunday, game only crashed once so, it was a good day. :slight_smile:
However, without the crashing my attention was drawn to my horses behavior.

While grinding; get stuck under the horse (constantly!), hit the horse with tools/weapons, can’t see what I’m hitting, resource or enemy because the horse is on my back!

Give us some control, please!
A simple slider. Closest, close, far.

P.S. Playing PVE on custom hard difficulty, horse is necessary cannon fodder and I need the extra storage too. :slight_smile:

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LOL, where?
And I am new. :slight_smile:


@KmKn , I learned it just yesterday in another post and I didn’t check if this is for consoles too . I am really happy to hear that a player is trying this experience in barbaric mode , bravo my friend , bravo . Anything you need , any question , any help just ask on private message and I will try to guide you the best I can . I have done it before the follower system one , in PS4 , back then followers where not god’s so it was tricky , still wonderful experience and very educational about the game . Welcome m8

Now if we don’t have this option yet all you have to do when you need to harvest is to command stop following , so you will have your space to work . I know is a bit annoying all the time " follow me , don’t follow me , still it is way better than your horse mouth to be on your screen all the time . About the over encoumbered thing but my horse is 50 meters away , a pair of daggers will take you very fast to your horse by pressing simple light attacks .

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On ps4 there’s settings for following distance for pets and thralls. I don’t use horses much not sure if they have the distance settings.

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The horse is just trying to grind too…


YeahI experience it often very annoying. In my case, mounting and dismounting again fixes it. And i actually think they are settings for distances on pc now since last patch, but it still happens…

Tell you what, in PvP when you’re running around in a melee having that horse on ur ■■■ can be a good thing coz them enemy thralls be PORKED!!!

So if you here that horse die behind you, very quickly, just keep running, don’t look back

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Is this in server settings? Or is it available for those on official as well?

Thanks for the replies! -1 :slight_smile:

On XB I don’t see any options for follow distance for thralls or horse. :frowning:
I suppose the easiest thing is to set the horse to stop following.
But… I’m already carrying around a 2nd thrall/fighter (2 fighters, 1 horse) around and it all just slows down the grind.

Thinking about hitting Warmaker’s Sanctuary this weekend but with only one thrall… chances of success are not good.
Making the difficulty easier to get something totally ruins the reward for me, killing the overall game experience.

I’d be nice on SP if we could choose a higher number of thralls that could follow.
If a game doesn’t kick my butt I get bored easily but I still need at least two fighters with me, along with the stupid horse…

P.S. I see I went off topic a bit so… GET THE STUPID HORSE OFF ME! :slight_smile:

I apologize believe I confused attack and chasing distance for following distance I have to check tonight.

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But I thought the same when I read that! :rofl:

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It finally sank in.

Or you could just ride the horse :face_with_monocle:


I guess this thread is over?

XBOX Update 2.3 (15.04.2021) - Major Update! Balancing, Fixes, Stability, Performance, and more!

We’re now also letting you choose the following distance of your active follower from the radial menu, which has been a much-requested feature!

Can’t wait to try it! :slight_smile:

Don’t waste your time (or money for that matter). It’s fkn 94 gigs of funcom dung. Going home at lunch time to break bonds, despawn everything and uninstall this pos waste of time.

They couldn’t just fix bugs and exploits?

2.3 fixed it! The horse is SO off me! :slight_smile:
Awesome setting for both thralls and horse!

thread /closed.

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