SOON in the game!



Heres hoping. Also, you do great Youtube guides @JustHorse. Keep up the good work.


That was thrilling, Bravo Just Horse


Shovels? New walls signs? GUI improvements?

New bosses? New dungeons? New items?


Well, awesome!

Those are the kinds of patches I want!


Don`t want to be a party popper but this game on paper looks amazing,i do not care about beautiful graphics as long as the Bosses die when they sit up of the thorn and they are damage sponge :frowning:
The update i / we want is to give some IQ to NPC make me make friends to do a dungeon or a raid boss.

You will make me happy if you show me the old dungeons Raid boss fix or climbing mechanics fix.
Cooking in a bigger pot dos not make your food taste beater still taste bad is just more to chow :frowning: (and we are sick of eating same bad food)

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I have to admit that I dislike the design of the new weapons, to me they look too much like high fantasy weapons. I prefer the look and feel of the low(er) tier weapons, as they look and feel like they belong in Hyboria. If you take a look at Howard`s stories, weapons and armor described within felt largely realistic and purely functional.

I love the new signs though, they’ll most likely see a good use on the server I play on.


I know right, Im liking the sound of this. Although now Im curious as to exactly what the shovel is for…?

Nah. Unfortunately Im going to have to decline your generous offer. I have plenty of other games I would rather see buried ahead of this one.


its weapon

as well as wooden sword,leg,hand from table and some more xD

its brawler weapons

also as crom faithfull zou will like this

that dmg xD


can you tell me if this is fix in UI ?
i play the game at 1920x1200 and the chat box is hidden on my UI all the time makes chat so difficult


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In a way I was kind of hoping it would be used to harvest a new resource, but I dont mind. Death by table leg sounds nice and brutal for any npcs who enrage me. Now I smash their feet off with a table leg too [evil maniacal laughter]. Is that the new Derketo Dancer outfit I see there? How did you find this stuff??

Holy mackrel!! Is that really coming or is it a mod or what…!? You do know I am quite possibly the biggest campaigner for Crom gear on the forum… I just had to sit down when I saw it, because my excitment levels and heart-rate went through the ceiling here. Im shaking. And I dont have heart problems…


yep, its new derketo clothes, special for dancers, there is still priest one

sword of crom, yep its in game, legendary weapon i guess, also there is 1 little problem wich is here to balance that dmg and that is, that whey you attack your stamina dissapear xD

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Happens alot to me too, i always set resolution lower until it “fixes itself”. lol

Cool, the new Derketo Dancer outfits have kind of a macabre feel to them. And they (masks especially) remind me a bit of the outfits worn by Thulsa Dooms followers inside his lustful cave on the mountain of power (from the motion picture).

I cant believe it! I never thought this day would come. I had been preparing to launch a second thread, building an overarching argument, packed full of over a dozen of references from the lore. Im just sitting here in a shocked stupor unsure what say or do (but beaming happily inwardly!). I love Crom and his wisdom. Considering he is a fictional being, I have spent an unhealthy amount of time throughout my life pondering his ways and logic/teachings. Possibly because his ideals so similar to those of two of my favourite theorists/philosophers. I shall obtain two…one shall be mounted on the wall of my armoury/treasure room, higher than ALL other mountings and weapons. The second will NEVER leave my characters inventory/posessions, and I will carry it into battle with pride. Oh and regarding the instant stamina drain (is that after one swing or one full combo?), if that is the price I must pay then so be it.

Thankyou so much for delivering this good news to me Zajczev. You have brought much joy to the heart of a cynical old grouch.

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The armor looks fantastic! I hopped on test live today I am happy they are finally adding some variety. Hope it continues.

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some new decors i find, tose tents were in loot list of black hand guys
aslo pic of new zamorian dancer dress

about crom swords stamina drain, it drains allllll, yes alll stamina

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Yowza. Well I guess there had to be a trade off for all of that power. Im just happy to have it.

Im seeing what looks to be a few new placeables there too. Im curious, is the lighter coloured statue with a large boulder on the base, and both hands resting on the sword facing downwards of Crom too…!?

unfortuneatly i think that statue have nothing to do with crom

also about croms sword there isnt model for it yet, it have same one as papyrus blade, but it have done new mechanic and description, so model will probably come soon

also there is whole new set of ancient weapons, there were before just pick, and axe i think but now there are also weapons

they are in inventory, also i found some skeletal decor

Dos not work for me :frowning: my monitor are 16 by 10 ration so all resolution on 16 :10 have this chat box problem

Ahh actually I can see a bit better on that angle. No you would be correct, the statue in question which can be found in Sanctuary Ruins is of the Kinscourge. The skeletal decoration is a placeable from the T3 Yog shrine the ‘Abyss of Yog’. Re- the Sword of Crom, ok the ill keep my cellebrations in check for now just in case I am setting myself up for disappointment, but it does sound very promising indeed.