New Patch/-es Feedback

First off, good job on continuing work on this game and trying to improve it.
Now off to the feedback.

Mounts- love them for the most part.
Although there must be some bug on solo play on how long it takes to make them?
I fiddled with the pet creation time to make it as fast as possible. The first horse I got was done in an hour.
I reset all my save files cause I wanted to start on a fresh map, nothing built, fresh character. The next horse I got took, well, it is still baking. It must be 18hrs since I threw the damn thing into that stable.

And the only reason why it seems to be growing now (although at a very slow speed) is because I turned the speed back down to the default ratio. Something is definitely broken there.

Movement, it is nowehere near the standard of some of the more advanced horse/mount movements in other games. A great example is Assassins Creed Odyssey. I dare say, even Black Desert online is better than this.
However, its not exactly bad either. Although i wasn’t able to play with it for too long as I am waiting for that horse to pop out any time now this week, lol, my first impression was that for the movement in CE it is actually fine. I assume it will be better when I level up its turning speeds and stuff? Also very nice nifty maneouvering when you let go of forward.

So overall, movement is nice too.

Keybinds however don’t work for it. They are the normal WASD… Ummmm, what? Fix this guys. They need to be the same to whatever else we put for when we are not on the horse.

Also, the button to get down from the horse can’t be the same as the button to get on it? LOL.
Come on now, please fix. These are issues that I don’t think should of been launched at all with patch and fixed prior to this.

But overall, I am happy with the mounts when it all works, and really glad you guys added them. For the most part, aside from some nitpicks, great work. :heart:

No more instant run
Initially this was jarring. Its a good change though. Makes getting away more realistic, and you get used to that speed up into normal run. I like it.

Thrall/Pet leveling system
Love it. Of course I lost my first thrall to that Demon Hyena that decided to spawn and although we were running away like crazy still managed to attack us mid run and kill us both. Woooot.
I hope some of the perk problems are also sorted out. They should not be random. This is not Black Desert Online mount skills, which is exactly what it reminded me off. A system which works for a game with trading in the game btw.

An archer should not randomly be able to become a sculptor, and a barbarian to suddenly become a dart blowing assassin. For crying out loud. Please fix these to be more consistent with the classes of each thrall and limit them a fine small selection that better reflects what the thrall is.

Other than that, love it. There seem to be several new NPC movement bugs btw. Here is to hoping you fix them but wont hold my breath.

Oh, also love how now there is a limit to how many thralls a server can have. Finally. No more running around seeing a decayed base and 500 dancing thralls floating in the air. Talk about punching immersion in the rib cage whenever you see that. So, well done. This is awesome. Also great how we can set their limit (or off) in private and solo even more. This is great and could make for some much better experiences. I’d say even 20 thralls and pets in a clan and +2 for each member to be still a nice experience and much less even than the current max the game has.

New Combat Speed
Hate it. I’ve talked about this in length on plenty threads. Even went as far as pointing out that I, who does not have muscles the size of a cow like the characters in this game, neither can climb a mountain or be hit by a Rhino and survive, can swing my heavier than normal single handed swords faster than this. (One of them btw is the sword of Achilles from troy. If anyone has even touched that thing (or at least the version I got with proper spring steel blade and full molded handle etc) would know how bloody heavy that thing is.)… I can still swing faster.

This new speed is also very bad for PvE vs pretty much most creatures. Our only cure is to straight up always have a pet or thrall. This is sad.

NPC’s also swing swords so slow now I can dance circles around them. It really is a sad encounter and needless change.

Whatever, I am running the “old combat animations” mods anyway so i don’t really give two rat tails what you do with it. But its just simply wrong. I am too bored to get into the details of this yet again.

New Dodge
Another new broken mechanic that I have gone into plenty times already and not in the mood to talk about. Nothing realistic about it either.

The last version wasn’t much better either. Heavy armour had this sad little hop which was horrendous, and light armour had a roll that changed your area code every time you pressed it.

Now, you are slower than rolling barrel and doing something which is unrealistic as well. Who on earth even rolls in armour? Especially with a weapon in hand? IN FRONT OF AN ENEMY? lol. Its sad.

Something between those two extremes.

Heavy- Side step, faster animation, allows for more dynamic combat. Especially with faster weapon speed again as per normal, and not this slow motion which I have mentioned several times feels more like a side move to compensate for the ping on the bad servers provided to us.
The step will make the hitbox slightly smaller than normal, larger than a roll. It will be forward leg first, and back leg last as it pushes us into that direction.
Simple. no rolls needed, no need to reinvent the wheel, and not that stupid hop we had before either.

Medium- Same thing, slightly larger distance covered but in the same amount of time, result in a faster side step ofc since it will cover more distance.

Light- A roll, but quite faster than what it is now. Maybe slightly larger distance, but its not necessary. No need to make us roll three continents away like it was, no need to make it useless in any encounter other than humans as it is now.

So yeah, overall, great additions, still enjoying the game, mostly because mods are reverting some of these changes though, lol, (still looking for a good dodge mod, reverting to the old is worse, so I guess this is better than it was before, but still very much broken in the other direction).

Good job overall. Looking forward to what new additions are brought to us in the future and keep up the great work. I may not agree with everything, in fact, I am almost on the edge of my seat raging about some of it, but at the same time also acknowledge the hard work being done and enjoy regardless all these new additions of thralls and mounts. They need some work, but we are getting there. Good job.

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