Mount Speed (Solution ?)

Whats the saying, “not to beat a dead horse with a stick”?

Anyway… if the speed is the issue (something about falling through the map on consoles)
What about just having mounts that run as fast as your character?

The main difference, obviously, would be the pet doesn’t run out of stamina - ever.
(That would be good enough for me, and it would be cool to be on a mount.) :slight_smile:

Just an idea… :stuck_out_tongue:

Old suggestion. Imagine a horse walking all over the map with you on top because human running speed is a fast walk for a horse. Or give it running animation but very slow to match human running speed. Would look like slowmotion. Both thing were tested and felt awkward to the devs. It would kill the immersion.

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Imagine David Hasselhoff doing the slow-motion run in Baywatch.

That’s what a horse running at human run speed would look like.

Would you want that in the game?

(I’d rather have David Hasselhoff doing the slo-mo run in the game than a horse doing the same.)


I guess the running animations they currently have are not sustainable?
(Again the issue really seems to be a console issue.)

Anyway, thanks for the reply!

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Well animals like horses have ‘trot’ speed, etc. But I hear you. :slight_smile:
Here’s hoping the next gen consoles will come out soon - (as I suppose that is whats holding it back on PC)

note: ESO (Elderscrolls online) horses… go from extreme slow to fast - so it could work. :wink:

Mounts don’t need to be used for greater speed first and foremost. They could just fill in the roleplay part first. When the issue is solved, gallop variable can be added.

I’m highly more concerned about not having to roleplay a caravan than to get from point A to point B merely a tad faster. When I ride a horse or a pony, I don’t have it gallop. I use mounts because then I don’t have to use up stamina myself; they burn their stamina instead of me burning mine and have a better proficiency to travel longer distances than I do due to their developing structure.

Another perspective to consider: Who wants to gallop into their deaths on the mountains anyway. Walking mount is easier to control in harsh biomes.

What would help devs to keep their vision clear, they need to maintain roleplay perspective within their focus. When the roleplay part works perfectly, almost anything else can be fitted on top of that premise nigh perfectly.

If speed is the issue (which I wager is perhaps a symptom, not the real issue), there are many companies with similar games that the devs can reach out to and have this sorted. Whenever someone tells me that they have an issue, I immediately think about symptoms and if they are talking about a symptom, not the core of an issue; patient zero.


I don’t want to get faster from point A to point B. Whenever I am in need of a reason, a tool, a transportation method, piece of cloth, an instrument, a defense tactic or anything else that doesn’t come to mind - I want that something to answer a specific handicap I have. I want that something to either reverse the handicap for a specific duration, reverse it until or after something specific is performed, revert it for a duration or revert it until or after something specific is performed. Getting faster around isn’t necessarily about a puzzle that needs to be succeeded. Sometimes it’s just a mere boost feature that in its worse form breaks the rest of the game.

In other words, let us have mounts be a specific form of a key to a specific form of lock found around us somewhere.

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I think there was also the issue about character inputs. The game is heavily geared towards you controlling your character.

To have mounts, it has to be altered, possibly significantly, so that as you mount, you begin controlling the mount and not your player. And then back to the player when you hop off.

Not to mention adding attack animations to fight from horseback, or whatever else type of mount you had.

I think it quickly turns unreasonable.

You may have just narrowed down the event pattern in which the falling off the map happens. Does anyone know when is the exact moment the falling happens?

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That is a good question now that it’s brought up… Is the falling off the map problem from running too fast or a bug they ran into when trying to set up the mount/dismount system? Anyone from Funcom want to clarify?

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Would be interested to know, truly.

If people want mounts so much, why havn’t modders atempted implementing them? Creating mesh, implementing it into the game, including animation, sound and coding for mounting and dismounting.

If the devs see it works, then they may change their minds about it.

They have attempted. There’s at least one somewhat broken mod that adds mounts to the game.

Found this, but it doesn’t look good at all, mounts have no weight to them, animations are stiff and most are just flying. I can see this would be a problem in pvp situations, even adding further glitches into the game with people using mounts to glitch inside bases.

Mounts add a ton of glitches, skyrim is a good example where horses can just jump and climb mountains with ease.

Another issue is how pets and thralls already sink into foundations, ground or similiar.

If you want mounts, i can only recommend playing ARK instead.

Have Ark - but didn’t really enjoy it…
Yet, you have a point - if I really want mounts… maybe I should give Ark another spin.
(Both use UE4 - you think there would be a solution - though to be fair, I believe they said they did not build it right from the beginning… apparently it was fine on PC, but not console - forgot the tech explanation.)

Its all good… still, rpg wise, it does feel like a gap.

Character input is the biggest problem. The game wasn’t built with mounts in mind. So a ton of stuff is related to how you control your character. That control has to be given over to controlling a mount while riding. And it breaks a lot of stuff to have that.

Did they try coding a mount that behaved like the minecart in Minecraft? No controls changed, but direction is limited to where the rails go. In this case some sort of a caravan trail could take that mantle. Mount follows the trail until they get to the end, then come back when prompted to do so by the player who the mount carried on top of them, or they die trying.

That just doesn’t seem like it’d work that well.

Besides it’s not just the input issue. It’s the issue with mounts moving too fast and falling through the world. Slow them down and they look terrible, with no real point because the players can run on their own.

Just gotta accept that mounts aren’t happening.

They don’t have to run though. I’m not trying to solve this issue because I want a Ferrari under me. :joy:

For me, it’s about the illusion of roleplay. To me the mount system as a feature could do whatever, as long as it fits a fantasy we have the option to play. A mule on the other end of the leash carrying precious bounties while we keep danger at bay, a caravan with a cargo that needs defending and the like. Feels like I’m trying to have a moving tower defense variable into the game, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that. :rofl:

Yeah, but I mean from what was said, they really looked bad at slower speeds.

You could always do those things without a mount? From the sound of it, the mule is a pack animal, not a mount. Same with the caravan. The NPCs can be on foot leading the animals that are hauling weight.

I use the word mount to describe something carrying something. When I say vehicle, it means a bit different mount. Call me odd. :joy:

Yeah. For example Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles had caravans, but they had a distinct in-between-missions bound role. Sometimes our meeple on the world map was stopped and a scene took place in the middle of the road. Sometimes a pack of thieves tried to smooth talk some items from us and sometimes a caravan of royal guards crossed our path to tell us tales. Each had an important distinct variable and further influenced progression. When the scene ended, camera returned to the world map and our meeple went to its destination. Mostly nothing happens on the road, but it was this small big detail that caught my eye back then.