To funcom suggestion for mounts

Hello funcom team, because you have problems with the mount system and the construction rate of the graphic elements of the game world. How about simply setting the mount speed to the player’s sprint speed? everyone is hoping for the mounts for months and I guess that could be a solution. I do not want to advertise here, but the guys from wildcard had the same problem and also adjusted the speed.

I like this idea. Allow mounts to move no faster than normal sprinting speed but give them much more stam so you can still travel faster in the long run. Also pack mule type mounts and siege rhinos do not need to travel any faster than normal walk/run. I hope we see this in the long run. Even if its a DLC.


Yeah more stamina is a great idea and i think for much people enough. +1 dude!

And tamed animals would also be great. I know Bylos is not a big fan about this ^^ but i think much from the community wish it. if 3 wolfes will follow me i would be happy with it :wink:

I highly doubtful we will get pets anytime soon but it may be able to be done via mods

i would love to run around with a tiger or something similar as backup, mounts aren’t really needed, though i suppose you could capture a rhino or elephant to use :slight_smile:

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