Mounts for PC, Xbox, PS4 idea

So as we already know, consoles can’t handle units moving over a certain speed because of the way the engine is rendering the world, but as stated by Funcom, mounts should be able to work on PC.

Why can’t we have mountable bears, mammoth, camel, rhino, elephant, basically all animals that wouldn’t look silly running at sprint speed or maybe slightly above if possible on Xbox and PS4.
And for PC we would have the same mounts as the console ones, but also horse mounts that could be quicker.

This way consoles players will get mounts as well and everybody is happy :slight_smile:

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I’m sure Funcom is already looking at this problem from every angle to try and work out the most feasible and realistic solution that works for all the different platforms.

Truthfully, I had not even considered this angle, though I also haven’t spent much time dwelling on the mounts situation because I think the run speed is fine.

Mounts that have limited storage and are unable to climb, but can consistently move at max-human-run-speed would be a great idea. I wouldn’t even mind horses being added to this list, because theoretically (I reserve the right to be wrong about this btw…) it should be possible to give horses their own stamina (very small reserve) and allow them to sprint short distances. Maybe even turn it into a cooldown instead of a stamina bar, so it specifically denies sprint ability in the time that it takes to pre-load the upcoming area.

I think that could be a potential workaround for avoiding the ‘map loading’ issue, since there would be downtime between the sprinting, but that’s only speculation on my end.

From a mechanics standpoint I don’t really mind the lack of mounts in the game, but from an RP standpoint, it would be really cool to be able to mount up with some buds and patrol the area on horseback.


Let’s hope so. Running around on a horse in this game would be amazing

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