Mounts possible solution! With a twist maybe worth considering

Hi there devs and fellow barbarians.

I KNOW horses and fast speeding through on lands are not possible with the game engines streaming content ability. I can understand it from a programmers perspective. So I will not push that part.
Also thank you for implementing the maproom and the fast travel system a bit edgy but certainly a very helpfull feature. thanx again.

Why would mounts be usefull in doable manner?

  1. Packmule

  2. just a bit faster

  3. Weighting down is a big issue and aspect of this game and I love it.
    But with a slow enough mount we could achieve a much better experience in my opinion.

  4. Managing stamina while runing through the entire map between 2,3,4-10 of our bases. is a huge task.
    Fighting the occasional enemies on the way makes it even longer experience (on lower levels)
    “stopping for stamina regen…etc…etc.” Don’t get me wrong it is okay sometimes even enjoyable.
    imagine a “slow” moving animal like a rhino or an elephant on “walking speed of it’s” but about the speed of a sprinting player without worry for the stamina.

We would get mounts this way we could haul waaaay more stuff, and still it won1t be so much faster so the engine could keep up streaming in the content.

ofc It is not a day one content just please consider it as an option. Make a poll if you need to see if this idea is viable.

Also step 2 for it if these mounts are to be a force to recon with. adding a new layer of combat as well… just sayin’ :smiley:

As always keep up the good work guys this game is one of my favourite as is without the game breaking bugs ofc. So thank you.


I actually not sure how they encountered such problem at all.
My PC is not juicy at all, and in singleplayer i was exploring with insanely high speed all around for several hours. And never encounter issue of “falling through the world”.

Yup. Me neither but on slower PCs faster travel indeed can be a problem.
Don’t forget how many thing can be shown (how much triangle and diffuse, normal, specular…etc. maps)
in one screen.

I do see occasionally “pop in” things on the edge of the drawing distance, but I do not have the latest and greatest mighty&vidia :smiley: only a gtx780

So I can understand why they can’t do a fast mount option.

The problem is Xbox…not pc.

Okay than stop that nonsese… :smiley:
I mean buy games only on PC and everything will be fine.
Microsoft and Sunyi will go bankrupt (The console parts of them at least) and we can get our great experiences without the need for sacrifice anything for the lesser machines. Problem solved.

I have to agree with you on this, the streaming distance thing isn’t really an issue on pc.
Even with movement speed set to 1000 the only problem i have is that i forget to put on godmode and die from falling.

A horse with 1.5-2 times the movement speed wouldn’t be an issue at all, but i understand that it could be an issue making it smooth when there’s so little time left until launch and that’s why they dropped it.

The maproom is OK but my biggest issue with that is the stupid ceilings that need supports.

I can not build a maproom that looks good because i need pillars right next to the map.
We need horizontal supports atleast, so we can build further out from the walls.

Now back to the mount issue:

Just give us camels with saddlebags and decorative things, let us travel like barbarians.
Make it a loot reward from a boss in a new zone not yet released. :smiley:

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I mean I like your post here but you are wrong in one point. MAProom

You don’t need pillars at all (After Funcom smashes the bug there)

Those diagonal support beams equalizing stability “vertically”.
You can build a wall ceiling with that diag, “stair” pattern and the upper level ceiling will be still 100 stability.

On the outside you can cover the whole “staircase” with roofs (and wedge roofs and inverted wedged roofs if you made it round in the first place) so it can be a nice little tower totally enclosed without ANY pillars.

BUT there is a bug with these diagonal support beams: after relog those support beams lost their functionality.

There is a thread around to catch baby animals raising them… I like that option better as a wanna be mount catcher… :smiley: But hey… LEGENDARY CAMEL is always a welcome addition even from a loot chest from a new bos from the unreleased zones… :smiley: :smiley:

So I learned if you square up 4 diagonal beams under a ceiling they act as support…you can pretty much build the longest ceiling ever with only 1 vertical support.


The mounts idea needs to just die…they already added in teleporting. Keep adding quality of life crap like this and you kill your game.

Well that’s your opinion.
What actually WILL kill the game is too little endgame content.
If people have nothing to work for when they reach max level, they will eventually get bored.

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From what I’ve read, most of what is stopping mount development / implementation is more a time and money budget concern than it is lack of technical or creative solution. And while “it works fine on MY rig” counts for your one data point, Funcom has certain sales goals, market data, and technical goals derived from the market data. For example, x% of Steam users have hardware within a certain range. Building the game to play within that range is the priority.

They’ve gotten mounts working with internal builds, probably focusing on getting movement to feel good. Running, jumping, and hitting rocks all feel very good in game, but aren’t fun things to suggest. Part of that feel is speed, and having a mount move only a little faster than you on foot doesn’t feel good. In order to get the streaming to work within the hardware limits, they could cut the map into smaller bits. This is time consuming, and could have meant that the volcano/jungle not get finished. So the call was made to shelf/cut mounts.

Because fast mounts were cut, development on the extra systems like taming and better collision were dropped in favor of polishing existing systems and the combat. As such, while a pack mule would make sense and work while running around as player speeds, it would be immersion breaking to have it function without a taming system separate from the thrall one.

TLDR: mounts need money and dev time. Funcom makes no promise on future mounts. If things go well at and after launch, maybe.

Oh I see… “clever”…
But That’s an easy fix need ONE exception if there is no wall no transfer of the stability occures.

I like this suggestion my first thought when i heard about the speed problem with falling through the world was “but, what about slower mounts that run no faster than a character who sprints?”, that alone would be more than enough for me. I am in no need of a Space Marine Landspeeder to be satisfied. :smiley:


Or make the mount “feel” faster but in reality, its the same speed as your character sprinting. I believe Sucker Punch (of the Infamous series) made a comparison video (Years back) about Fetch isnt really moving faster than Delsin. Its just them Jedis playin’ mind tricks.

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Conan Exiles really need mounts in game to fast travels and carring supplies. Will be cool if Devs add horses and camels or taming for all creatures in game. it would be nice to see a rider on an elephant attacking a village.

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