Alternative to Mount system

Ok I understand the issue with using mounts
Their speed is faster than the speed of rendering thats why you render through the map and die,

How about you keep the same speed as the characters but make it infinite stamina instead.
The benafit of riding the mount is not extra speed is just infinite stamina , because stamina is pain when you trying to cross the map and you keep slowing down to catch your breath.
Would that make sense.


I like the idea in principle, it’s an elegant solution.

But it may be too strong if it’s infinite. If memory serves, Funcom tested infinite running stamina as a stat perk for Agility or Grit at some point and decided it was too much. Of course, that would’ve been a permanent asset and not tied to a mount, so it could be more balanced if the horse was something that could die.

Maybe a reduced Stamina drain while mounted, or something similar (such as a separate, very large stamina pool on the mount) would be sufficient.

I try to use the obelisk network as much as I can, but there are still many places that can only be reached by a very long walk. Spending less time going from one place to another, and more time doing exciting stuff in those places, would make a better gaming experience.


Yes and you can’t fight when you are riding your horse so this stamina can’t be used for grieving other players. Moreover mounting a horse could consume all the player’s own stamina so that when player dismounts he can’t fight or mount again for the period needed to recover it. It would prevent “hit’n’run” attacks and preserve balance in PVP.

Now I don’t know about not being able to fight while mounted. Horseback combat has been a thing for ages.

But I like that mounting/dismounting consumes personal stamina.

I was thinking of a big mount that moves slower than you do. I don’t know for what purpose, but imagine riding a war elephant. It can charge, but its base speed is slowly than you sprinting.

Fighting would be difficult, as it would take alot to create the mechanics for this. Maybe have a few basic animations, but each weapon would still be different.
Another hurdle is collision detection. Have to figure for how mount reacts to each ingame and player built object.

But if plausible to address those 2 areas, then maybe just add 200 Stamina when on mount.
Or have the different mounts give you different buffs. All give minimum 100 stamina, then a 2nd trait for greater versions. Some bonus to a fighting attribute–like +5 to str,vit,grit,acc,or agi, and some a temp bonus. I added agility, as one could jump on horse, and get the double jump perk for the mount and themselves.

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I love your idea but well, maybe infinite is a bit…overpower…but if they double it with a lower decay rate or maybe make it 3 times bigger with the same decay rate when running plus a encumbrance buff while mounted.

I love the idea of riding a rhino through the desert…

Not if you need to use spears, javelins and/or ranged weapons

I was referring to the programming side. It takes coding to interact with the mount, the hit box area, the effects, etc. Cant just plop the avatar on the mount and swing with current coding for fighting.

Ah, well, there are things more complex in game than mounted combat right now and I trust in their programming skills. Just take a look what did they build here, a big, complex and awesome game

Welcome to the community Loconaif1. This idea has come up previously, however it comes with its own problems. If memory serves me correctly, they tried to reduce the movement speed of mounts to match that of the players sprinting speed. However, some of the mounts, especially the larger ones with a longer stride just looked utterly ridiculous, almost as if they were moving in slow motion. There were also issues with the player character falling through the map when trying to mount them in the first place, not just while in motion.

Im not certain if I would mind if mounts had a much larger stamina pool, but perhaps not infinite stamina. But there are also a wealth of other issues, some of which other users have already mentioned. For example, would it bother you if there was no mounted combat? Which as Skyrim has shown us can be clunky at the best of times. Another issue is would it bother you if enemy npcs didnt ride mounts at all, especially if you were singleplayer, as you would be the only person in the game who rides them. Im honestly not sure if the npcs AI is up to the task at the moment.

All of this is coming from a guy who would like to see mounts make their way into this game someday. But the thing is, if we are going to have them, it needs to be done right.

Throw some lens flare, muted colors, and cinematic camera angles with a rising score, and you have A Snyder Cut of Conan while you ride :slight_smile:

Huh, why did that certain Frozen song suddenly get stuck in my head.

Why not have a legendary item thats a pair of coconut shells instead? You equip them to a bearer thrall that follows behind you and you get near infinite stamina running with a horse gallop gesture playing for you as you go.

For example:


Thankyou for the support @thoth-anon, I called for this one in the past too. Of course we would need the accompanying music score too. Bring on ‘mounts’!




Thanks man,
Mounted combat is not important, for me
The main topic here is to be able to ride a mount and travel long distances faster.

How about you can mount the animal that follows you!
And only the greater version of some of them because they are bigger in size and make sense they can carry a human,
Same speed as character speed , but less stamina decay .
Mounting and dismounting takes 5 second to make sure you render everything smoothly.
Big dinos are not allowed to be mounts the ones that cause problems like big dinos,
Ride a greater Wolfe/ saber / or normal camel.
I dont know if I am making sense but I want nounts so bad !!

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Would buy this as DLC.


I would too

Joel Bylos did mention in a devstream that they had tested mounts that ran at normal sprinting speed. But they decided against it because it “looked weird”.
I’m fine with it looking weird. I can understand that a barbarian running behind a racehorse breaks immersion, but i dont need a racehorse. I need a rhino, or a siege mammoth, or 10 thralls carrying my lazy butt on a throne.

Please funcom q___q


That is definitely not the first time the coconut has been requested. I started a thread on it myself once.

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I kind of wonder what it would take to actually start making a Monty Python DLC or Mod. Imagine, Monty Python Exiles. Roam the medieval British Isles as members of Celtic, Ango-Saxon or Viking war bands. Build, dominate, survive or get arrested for Larping. Bring out your dead today.