Mounts - yup, another suggestion

implement mounts (various types with different purposes) but limit their speed to whatever the setting for loading is.
Closer the draw distance, the slower the mount would be.
Basically just match the mount’s speed to whatever the world loading around the character is. and use a stamina bar, to speed up short distances, and force slow down periods.
And pushing a mount through stamina too hard can kill the horse.


The problem with that lies in weak machines and how different the players machines are set up.

My in example is a rather old one. From 2011 and more or less medium back then. You might get yourself, that I am playing on low settings just in case. (Even more when considering the current heat…)

Some might already crash (without a error showing up) when sprinting somewhere. (Yep. Mine. When it still was on medium settings. Rendered a ton of buildings and stuff though…)

While I am already certain that I wont be able to use mounts when/if they come, I guess its a question wether its worth it.
Would a multiplier of 2 already suffice (when sprinting)?

Hm… I am getting cruel thoughts again. Mount+cliff at black galleon+jump… Ouch! or rather… Njom? :joy:

mounts could have same speed as character run without sprinting but be able to carry a lot of stuff or captured thralls like pack mule


Could the mounts move on player runningspeed but without lose of stamina? That speed is already in the game. :blush:


Yes for mounts even in slower speed

How come a similar game with exactly the same engine can add mounts and even flying mounts, all with various speed but ConanExiles can’t ?

Because they lack tech and dev power for that, but not money, FC Ceo seems to penny-pincher to not give the game a polish state like an AAA game and yet, charging the same price as one.

Dont get me wrong, everyone that plays it for some time can see its potential, a shame that we may never see this game truly finished.

Even if possible to add mounts with matched sprinting speed or if they can increase performance to allow faster speeds, make it OPTIONAL!

Mounts ruin games for me, every. Single. Time. They make the game world smaller and make content easy to ignore. I’d rather not see mounts but if it must be added, please add server option to disable them.

I share this thought too but for flying mounts, terrestrial ones are kinda needed when the world is large enough, even for those who thinks Exiled Lands is small, on a horse back no one would complain, mainly if they have inventories.

Of course with teleportation mounts become a bit obsolete, but yet, the majority would like to have it for its benefits/immersion.

See GW2, they started without mounts, with several waypoints for instant teleport, then later in the expacs, they reduced the waypoints per map, and introduced mounts, that btw, are the coolest and best done in a game I’ve ever seen.

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It’s really funny, bringing a camel on a journey but :

  • you can carry more stuffs than your packmule
  • you can’t ride the packmule


Hardly the same price as a AAA title, i picked it up for £12. Still no excuse for not polishing your game. I remember back in the day 20-25 years ago and even some of the games back then are still getting love today from their developers.

Yeah, prices are different from region to region i guess, in Brazil this game costs the same as AAA.

Mounted Thralls would be cool too. Because then you could have cavalry raids :slight_smile:

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