150+ posts about mounts

150+ posts about mounts, most of them are closed, so I am making a new post to keep Mounts alive, i have 14 friends who would come back to Conan if they could ride a mount. i understand you would have to rewrite the game to enable mounts… ok so rewrite the game then. Age of Conan had mounts, rewrite the game call it Age of Conan Exiles or something

could you show me the thread please ?


ok I understand you mean a whole bunch of threads and not a specific one

non specific, just did keyword Mount search came back with over 150+ posts

It’s unfortunately not that easy. Sure wish it was. :b Not to mention the teams currently working on bug fixes that many players are asking for and we want to fix.


I figured they would be hard at work, if they do get around to making mounts in the game, make them better than Age of Conan mounts, i always got knocked off my rhino by a squirrel

I would like to ask: What improvements will mounts give us in the game beside moving faster on flat sections of the map, which are not very common? If they would integrate such an addition then over time the people will expect more of it like horsefighting.
And riding horses without horsefighting in a world full of hostile monsters and npcs or other players…?? No - better improve the game with a thrall and settlement system, with more features for pvp and siege engines, with living waters and small boats. This will keep the player busy with and increases the fun and interest for the game.
Riding a horse is nothing else than moving across the landscape - its not a new feature for me like climbing, its only an alternative to walking/running. And if you only want to ride without being able to fight from a horse, then it would be a good alternative to take a camel.


LOL that’s amazing. Damn squirrels too OP.


Harvesting trees and stone with a mount doesn’t wear down your tools, sitting high in the saddle can see further distances, the carry weight is more than I have, killing other animals with a rhino that has 3 k health is better than me melee with 400 health

Conan’s map is so small and with the numerous obelisks for fast travel that mounts are not necessary.


Even if a rewrite was possible, why would Funcom waste all that money for something as trivial as mounts?

That’s not how game design works. Devs don’t go, gee we spent all this money to develop the game and bring it to this point…but…some people have no patience and desperately want mounts. So lets just dump all our money into giving it to them, so we won’t have anything to put towards our next game.

But hey, as long as those few people get mounts, it’s all worth it, right?

And you keep making the idea worse, not better.

Harvesting trees and stone doesn’t wear down your tools.

Because…why exactly?

Can see further distances

This is a render thing and would probably break a lot of stuff. Because every time you hop on your mount, the engine has to render more than it is currently showing, then every time you hop off it has to de-render or whatever to remove all that extra.

carry weight is more than I have

Your Encumbrance stat is there for a reason. Spend points in it instead of dumping them everywhere else. I’m barely mid-30s with like a 15 Encumbrance, and I can carry 1100 pieces of stone. That’s around 150 lbs.

If you can’t carry that much, clearly your build is jacked towards other things and that was your choice. Don’t fault the game because of that. Besides, your thralls can easily have 3 full stacks of stuff, not counting their weapon/shield, more than that if you use a pet instead.

This isn’t a reason to have mounts.

Rhino 3,000 HP vs You 400 hp

This just comes across as lazy on your part. Either you can’t handle the combat or gameplay, or you just think to sit back and let a mount do the work for you. Again, not a reason for mounts to be in the game.

Mounts have never been necessary in this game and never will be.


Why mounts mean obligatory fast travel ? Why mounts can’t move at the same speed as characters ?
For the Riders of Hyborea DLC coming this year, why no making a craftable food to transform pet in mounts the same way Turan food transform an elephant or a rhino into a bearer pet called Caravan elephant or Caravan rhino ? The pet-mount will still move at the same speed it moved before being transformed. The only difference being now it got a skin with a saddle on its back.
I don’t know how difficult it’d be to implement in the game. And I’m pretty sure all those whining here about the absence of mounts, will continue to do so because they aren’t faster, so there’ll be no benefit to have a mount except parading on its back.
Whining for frivolous reason is too much popular on this forum to be stopped just because a wish is granted by the devs.

But it’s not just the speed. We have to go over this every time someone resurrects this nonsense, because they won’t listen to what Funcom has said. They think if they complain enough, Funcom is going to give them mounts.

Mounts don’t work because control is with the player character. Not the mount. To make the player control the mount instead of their character breaks the game. Stuff does not work right.

Honestly, they need to just start cracking down on those users who keep necro’ing this topic and encouraging all the newbies to the game to come in and post similar threads, without bothering to read up on the subject first.

People that keep bringing it up, start handing out forum bans. Constantly asking for mounts is being disruptive, massively irritating, and shows that the majority of those coming to the forums to post their “grand ideas”, are completely ignoring information that is readily available, and has been for months.

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the neverending cycle of life & death

Because it looks really dumb for just about any creature to do so. Worse for things like horses, better for things like elephants, but still. Doesn’t look good.

Indeed. And I’ll further posit that there’s very little benefit even if they DID move faster, because there’s not that many locations where you run over flat ground for such long stretches.

Mounts without mounted combat is IMO entirely pointless, and mounted combat is quite difficult* to get right in a game like Conan. In fact I’d say that the game would probably have had to be built around that to begin with for there to be a reasonable chance to truly get it right.

*read: bloody f’in hard

Also, this modified XKCD
(all credit to the original author of XKCD, used without permission blabla)


Rewrite the whole game to get 14 players back? There’s a lesson in cost-effectiveness here.

Rewriting the whole game, at this point, would be several years’ worth of game development. By the time it’s done I’m afraid even those 14 hardcore friends will have found another game to play.

What would Conan think about mounts


It seems he doesn’t like them :grimacing:


Yes. We now need to preface every suggestion with how many (imaginary or otherwise) friends fulfilling our demands will bring back to the game.

I heard Ark has mounts.