Mounts Done Right

I understand at the moment mounts have been undecided and they need to be introduced for obvious reasons. First from what I understand the Devs scrapped this feature because the game has a climbing mechanic or something about movement speed this is a ridiculous reason to throw out the idea mounts. Mounts are part of the Conan lore and realistic. Humans tamed animals for transportation of goods and people through out history. The Devs need to think more creatively and not limit their minds and creation.

So how would mounts work in Conan? Easy, make it realistic. Animals have different difficulty of taming and require food and proper care and have limited stamina. This balances mounts for transportation of goods and players or thralls. Also you could go a step further and add winged creature taming for flying mounts limited by stamina with food needs as well and the ability for use at a craftable thrall station for direct transportation between stations without limited stamina but at the cost of no free control of the mount.
Honestly this feature with player driven economy and code locked doors/chests are the only big features I can see that would add a lot of life, player cooperation and personal security to this game. I believe the game would be complete with those key features and everything else is extra which be new items, building pieces and biomes in the future.
Oh and new clan members should not be able to dismantle clan owned pieces unless they are high enough rank.

  • Transportation Mounts
  • Flying Mounts(Hard to tame)
  • Hubs for long distance travel by flying mount
  • Mounts can be used in combat
  • Player driven economy(merchant thrall)
  • Code locked doors/chests

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Mounts were not overlooked.
the problem is the terrain blocks are 1x1 kilometer squares this is to much information for low end computers to load when moving quickly from terrain block to terrain block, the conan Map size was decided before the developers were aware of this issue

The Developers of unreal 4 suggested 500x500 meter squares would solve this issue
because now only 1/4 of the information needs to load when moving from terrain block to terrain block.

Unfortunately the map needs to be redrawn to allow mounts, because funcom was contractually obligated to release the game on 8 May, there just was not enough time to redraw the entire map.
So mounts have been postponed, and excluded from launch.

I haven’t read every Conan story, but I can’t recall there ever being Flying Mounts.
And IMO flying mounts would be a huge mistake.

There are Merchants and coin in testlive.

And I agree there should be ranks of access and better clan options.


:slight_smile: close enough

The terrain blocks issue can be, should and hopefully will be fixed if it’s causing a performance issue with low end pcs which probably effects higher end pcs too.
And I’m aware of the merchant thrall but I mean a tameable merhcant thrall players can use to offer items.

That’s not a proper Conan source. Stick to Howard’s works please. There is only one flying mount, summoned by Pelias, a very powerful sorcerer, and it’s not a mount, but a friendly being. You can find it in The Scarlet Citadel.

‘There are creatures,’ said Pelias, ‘not alone of earth and sea, but of air and the far reaches of the skies as well, dwelling apart, unguessed of men. Yet to him who holds the Master-words and Signs and the Knowledge underlying all, they are not malignant nor inaccessible. Watch, and fear not.’
He lifted his hands to the skies and sounded a long weird call that seemed to shudder endlessly out into space, dwindling and fading, yet never dying out, only receding farther and farther into some unreckoned cosmos. In the silence that followed, Conan heard a sudden beat of wings in the stars, and recoiled as a huge bat-like creature alighted beside him. He saw its great calm eyes regarding him in the starlight; he saw the forty-foot spread of its giant wings. And he saw it was neither bat nor bird.
‘Mount and ride,’ said Pelias. ‘By dawn it will bring you to Tamar.’


But the “silver lining” in this terrain issue is that we might get to look forward to a whole new DLC map with the mounts. Perhaps a larger, more involved map with even more biomes (perhaps some ‘prehistoric plants’, proper jungles - not just swamps (like both temperate and jungle rainforests), deciduous forests, coniferous forests, tundra, estuaries, sunken ruins, sand deserts, rock deserts, and perhaps underground exploration as well (vast caverns, underground lakes, perhaps even lit by old lava tubes under an active volcano – a whole “Journey to the Center of the Earth” vibe). Designing a whole new map would be a great way to introduce mounts (and add longevity to the game).

I hope (and this is a request) that the new map (and terrain) would allow for the creation of tunnels, pit traps, moats, and the ability to “dig” to make landscape changes. I don’t know how involved it would be to allow terrain to do that, so it may not be feasible. But if its a fairly simple procedure for map design 2.0, that’s something I’d like to see added.


Perhaps, there could be some workarounds. Like making seperate Mesh for mount navigation.

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I will literally uninstall this game the second they add flying mounts. Flying RUINS exploration and world pvp because people can just fly anywhere they like to go.


If the max level cap increases I would like a max level ability with training to tame faster transportation instead of running all over the place it takes up to 10 mins or more to run to some places mate. I’m okay with struggling at low levels but I end up losing enjoyment at higher levels because of repetitive routes. Make it only usable by other people with training only. Maybe the hubs can be currency based and a price to travel between them for low level players without training.(World of Warcraft) (Ark) BOTH GAMES HAVE A MASSIVE PLAYER COUNT
I like the prehistoric idea.
Mounts would definitly add another aspect to raiding. War rhinos and war elephants. Dropping explosive jars from flying mounts.

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I’m pretty sure the limitations of the engine software isn’t a ridiculous reason.


They said they know how to fix the problem it would just take too long to implement before official launch. We will get them eventually I’m sure.


i dont need mounts at all. It would be cool in some way, but… no… this would make put players, casual players or any newbies in significant disadvantage in terms of resource farming, exploring, PvP and PvE… this would make you to hit required level for taming a beast and dont think much about anything else… because without a mount you would be less effective and much more vulnerable

Mounts are COOOOOOOL! but not for this game

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I think mounts would be very cool. And not necessarily for riding either (though, I would love to ride a rhino with heavy plate barding into battle).

Mounts can be used for trade caravans (like camels or horses). Mounts can be used for cargo and resource farming (like oxen or bulls pulling carts). Mounts can be used for farming (plowing fields for growing crops). Mounts can be used for transportation (such as pulling a wagon with passengers). Yes, mounts can be ridden (even ridden into battle), but that’s not their only use.

And if you want to expand “mounts” to something more akin to “pets”, you’ve always got the “hunt” and “kill” types of mechanics (such as hunting/watch dogs, mouser cats, and even hawks).

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As much as I enjoyed Marvel’s version of Conan, I don’t count it as part of the lore.

There is also a Marvel Comic Conan time travel issue in which Conan is in modern times.

No, thank you

I’ve seen too many good games get totally forked by adding flying.

The only thing Marvel did that I would like to see in this game, they moved / reimagined Howards Red Sonya the swashbuckler, to Red Sonja in the Hyborian age.


Balanced mechanical implementation aside, a ‘vendor’ thrall is more of a Quality-of-Life asset than a needed feature in the base game.

To me, a ‘vendor’ thrall takes all the fun out of trading with actual people. There’s no haggling, no meeting new people, no salesmanship, no trust required, no tension of face-to-face encounters, no newfound friendships, no betrayals, no parlay locations, no secret negotiations in Local chat, etc.

A player-driven economy in a sandbox game should be driven by player interaction, not vending machines.


I love all of Marvel’s stuff with Conan, especially SSoC, but I am totally in agreement with you. Having read every one of REH’s Conan stories, I can solidly agree with no flying mounts; it’s absolutely not part of the lore. I would be especially nauseous if Bor’aqh Sharaq reared his ugly face in some ill-begotten DLC!

I think that you all mount fans ask simply for way TOO MUCH , flying mounts? have fun building your base while somebody can just fly in it… no fun , mounts for traveling ? ok , horse , big hiena , big spider or what ever sure why not , but leave the rest and just have fun with what u will get at full relase stop crying about something and apriciate what u were given…


All these features are obviously for after launch. It simply would not be possible to implement such features in that time frame. I have moderate experience with unreal engine 4. I’ve been solo developing for 7 years in unreal engine for 4 years. Mounts are not just possible but also should not be that difficult and anything is fixable. Unreal Engine is an amazing engine. As someone who hates coding and leans more towards the artistic side like 3d modeling, blueprints are the bees knees. Although its pretty much a new visual language that needs to be learned its quite nice and if organized correctly can expose bugs easier. So it is possible trust me. I’ve always wondered why developers don’t ask the community for help and in exchange for monetary rewards(including bug fixing and content adding).

You need to understand that mounts would have to be maintained and can be killed and would be some what of a hassle to tame another one. Also I’ve never heard of a high level messing with low levels they don’t have anything worth while. I believe that’s why the hubs would be a good idea it’s high level players working hard to get multiple mounts and offering transportation to low level players and clane mates at a fee.

Well you need to keep in mind are you willing to walk across the map around 10 mins of running and then dying with what you were about to trade for any odd reason. Just to have to run to that spot again. Then meet up with the player just to trade a sword and some ore. Then you have to run back and not die. With mounts this becomes easier but you have to advertise in chat and you have to be online. Shops can sell and buys goods while you are offline. Also the merchant thrall would require a level of trust. The items the thrall is selling can be stored in a locked chest that has to be broken into and will alert near by thralls and maybe clan mates (after a named thrall gets killed?)
Thralls need a rule of engagement setting to make some player owned thralls hostile or neutral for player made neutral cities and protected cities. The neutral city would turn hostile on the player that tries to attack.

The trade caravan mounts sounds like a neat idea so mounts would have multiple uses it would just be a traveling shop that follows the player around but at a slow speed run by a player tamed merchant thrall maybe have some sort of hub/waypoint system for that too? Protected by player tamed thralls.
I like the pets idea too for combat.

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Preventable by archers? As air defense. Dropping the player from the sky with little chance of living unless he grabs on to something.

I also must remind you all of the beauty of Everquest, where you had to run everywhere. Flying mounts tend to make the world a smaller place, less wondrous, less dangerous, and therefore less appealing to the adventurous.


But flying mounts or animal mounts could only be achieved after exploring the map? They are meant as a means of transportation for those who have already been through the same desert over 10 times. They are end game features. Currently the only end game in this game after killing all the bosses and crafting the items is to build a base raid and wait to be raided then what? How about building a base with an economy that can help you build an even bigger base by buying the foundation pieces from other players.
Currency and player trading can change the game. Powerful clans with healthy economies will have larger bases. Healthy economy means you have to have customers so even powerful clans can’t have total control.
Players will be competeing for wealth!

Imagine a thriving world where you can join as a noob and run into player made cities that sell and buy items that help you progress to start your own cities and overhead you see the high level players traveling about in their medium-high mantinence flying mounts and you see moving thralls in the cities and you run into traveling merchants while in the wild. The option to pay a hefty fee to travel on mount/flying mount as a low level to a station next to brim stone and with money to pay for the flight back across the map. So the time you would have spent running to brim stone and praying to not die along the way or back you spend gathering resources to sell to the clan for money to pay for the travel to gather resources you need and make it back safely.