The December Update

Hello everyone, as some of you may have noticed, there will be a big update in December.
From then you can use mounts and there will be a huge new dungeon under the Relic Hunter city.

Now my question to you: What do you think about the mounts and the new dungeon coming?
Have you already informed about it and if so, leave a few comments or even entire stories under here. :v:t4::grin:


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Unsure the mechanics behind them but I hope horses can not only run but have a walk animation, mount stamina based sprint, and can be crippled like players.

Additionally, for there to be a grip system which would deplete upon taking a certain amount of damage reducing a users grip causing them to be knocked off said mount if exhausted. This would work with any weapon but blunted javelins and arrows could be made most effective to give them more reason to use than the little they have as of right now.

I’d hate to see basic mounts thrown in just to say we have mounts because that’s only going to introduce problems. If you want mounts then we need ways to pursue other mounted players (sprint meter) and for there to be ways to combat and dismount them while you are or are not mounted… In no way should it be a getaway vehicle you can just hop on to escape with ease. It should be faster than a player and maybe increase your max encumbrance, yes, but should not mitigate the normal physical weaknesses/limitations you have beyond that.


The new dungeon in the relic hunter city is really cool. I just tested it on testlive.

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Honestly?? I’d rather have sorcery than mounts, especially because traveling the map isn’t that hard, plus mounts will prevent much of the parkouring I do, making me have to find proper paths to traverse rather than just hopping off of cliffs and sliding down the mountainsides.

I swear I recall hearing them say mounts could not be done without redoing the entire map because of how the mounts would go faster than the maps could load in, which makes me wonder if they actually redid everything like they said they had to, or if they were completely full of malarkey and excuses for why they weren’t implementing it back then.

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That’s an understandable concern as well. I never think about stuff like that because I prefer to play on pve servers and I actually like it when people see my builds, and I love seeing other builds, but for pvp sakes I can definitely see that as being a big no-no.

I also play PvE myself and I’m really looking forward to seeing mounts soon.

So it will finally be not so annoying, if you then across the map would like to use without obelisks, which give anyway only corruption.
(I hate corruption)

And the wild creatures can not get on your nerves like they always do.


I dunno, that all depends on if they add a mechanic like WoW did which means that every time you’re hit there’s a chance of being dismounted. Something like that may/could be added for “balancing purposes”.

no he is not

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I hope not that it will be like WoW.
It would be better if it is like Neverwinter and you can easily continue riding without problems.

But we will see that in December as it will.


It may also be simple that their budget was not enough at that time, because they have recently been able to increase their team.

So if you are a professional graphic designer, understand and master UE, you should contact FC, as FC is looking for additional employees.

We are often complaining, but forget again and again that FC consists only of a very small team.


Sabertooth mount please.


First, there will only be horses.:wink::v:t4:


Honestly, it is really hard to be excited for mounts. Considering how wacky the NPC interactions are, and how the general animal mechanics and interactions are, for the most part, just really bad, I can’t imagine how mounts will work. Barring the update including a complete overhaul of animal interaction.

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What gets me is that players are rendered in at a shorter distance than buildings. If that can be done then you’d think they could modify it so that everything excluding buildings had a shorter render distance in relation to the chosen render distance setting so there’d be no chance of mapping out the interiors contents.

They did and this was an actual issue. The many optimizations to the game that have been done allowed this problem to be resolved. It still took and will continue to take a lot of work and investment to fully implement, as has been discussed for a very long time, but mounts are coming.

They are not “full of malarkey”, they had problems that weren’t solvable at the time. They solved those issues with optimizations, decided it was worth the time and investment to add to the game.


I am dead set against mounts. The map is already small enough as it is, plus we have map rooms to zip us around. I am sure that there will be a whole new slew of bugs that arise because of this, and people will be screaming for fixes over the next few months. I would much rather FC devote time and money into improving the current game. For instance, what about complete sets of armor dropping in the Unnamed City? Will there ever be a purpose for the Black Feather Helm and all the other gear that corrupts you? What about the gear that “cleanses”? Cleanses what? Doesn’t appear to cleanse corruption. And it would seem that the Scorpion Harness should make one invulnerable to poison without having to take it on and off. Otherwise, it’s pretty useless.

Sometimes it seems like the devs are a bunch of kids that have an idea about something then lose interest in it and go charging off in another direction with their latest"good idea".


I wonder if map rooms, what was created beacause monts was not here, will a good think whent mounts will out…I think it will make the concept less good. I think disable maproom on official and make an option to disable on private would be a good choice.

i know many people are excited, but iam not.

i would prefer thralls beeing fixed and lots of other stuff which is buggy.

also dungeons need some love. i mean why would i go there?
adding more and better legendary drops would do the trick.

entire ai needs improvement aswell, and top priority should be collision detection.

Mounts will surely help mitigate the need for Obelisks.

:fu: all ya obelisk campers.

I just hope they’re implemented with counters or we’re going to see mounts be the new end-all-be-all getaway car.

We need…

  • Mount Stamina Based Sprint to pursue (and escape) others mounted.
    *variable speed creates the ability to increase and decrease distance leading to more engaging chases with strategic sprint use.

  • A grip system that when depleted would knock them off from the player taking too much damage.
    *Blunted Arrows and Javelins could be made more useful with an alternate function of depleting more grip per hit than standard weapons.

  • Falling off should make the player incur damage and stun them.
    *This would assist unmounted players in closing gaps if they’re fighting a mounted user.

  • The Ability to Cripple Mounts with arrows.

Mounts should be faster than players and maybe increase your max carry load, yes, but they should not bypass your characters limitations beyond that. We need effective ways to combat them or they’ll just be another not well thought out problem patched in.

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Ever thought that with the new update such problems should be fixed?

Have you ever watched a dev stream from FC?