So what is the purpose of the horses (PvE)?

Jousting in PvP battle flags? And thats it?

  • You only have 10 inventory slots, so a bearer or some animals are better for farming
  • If you are over encumbered, the horse is also slow
  • A level20 horse had 5k health, which is way lower than any endgame T4 thrall or better animal
  • You cannot use a rope on the horse, to bring a knocked out thrall home

So the only good thing is, that you can run faster todo what exactly? Farm 10 slots? :smiley: :smiley:
And for fun Jousting with my friends :smiley:

I cannot talk about PvP… Maybe PvPers have better ideas?

So for that thing, we got the thrall cap? /no-thanks


The two main uses for PvE that I see are:

  • If you want to build in an out-of-the-way spot it lets you get home faster after you teleport.
  • If you need to hustle back to where you died, or to a friend’s purge, you can get there faster.

Unfortunately, since we can’t also bring a combat follower along, it will still be less than ideal for helping out with a friend’s purge, but at least we can live further from obelisks without so monotonous a run-back. But yeah, doesn’t feel worth trading away all the City Life aspects of PvE building by eliminating all the non-essential thralls…


well the horse is a reskined thrall you can mount.

for PVE not very useful. but i guess RP will benefit from it.

does anyone finds the horses to be extremely fat? short legs ( i mean the design of it) compared to the ones you see in AOC? just a thought.


Suicide teleport to bedroll or bed is still faster

So you are at your place where you died or at purge with a damn horse, instead of a T4 thrall who could really help you.

Bingo… Its faster, but more useless… What a strange combination :smiley:

No kidding, but some of us want to arrive with our gear still on us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not what I’d call ideal either, but there are times (occasionally, but not often) where folks need to get some place ASAP before a corpse despawns, etc.

This place does not quite make sense. It nearly makes sense, but there are strange inconsistencies… :wink:

Yeah the horses look really thicc, like they are all clydesdales or the like.

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Have so many spare gears :smiley: Exactly for that reason… Why should I bother running to my outpost at Sinners Refuge? Suicide teleport and I have a chest with full gear and several T4 volcano, cimmerian or RHTS there.

Last time I died alone in the Sunken City dungeon…
I guess I cannot use the horse in a dungeon… So I can run faster to the dungeon entrance to run to the place where I was killed, without ANY thrall to help (or with a stupid horse) :smiley:
My example for Sunken City: It was at the boss fight… So I can run to my corpse to die again :smiley: :smiley:
And funny thing: I was there within 10mins and my original thrall was already gone?!

But if you die from falling or not from many enemies at a remote place, it can help you for sure.

I agree that the mounts are a less than stellar addition to PVE gameplay. I hope that, at the very least, the mounted combat might prove useful against some of the enemies, but I won’t hold my breath either.

It looks like this has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s all kinds of reasons someone might want to travel from point A to point B faster, even with the apparent limitations. Maybe all you need is 10 slots or less worth of something. Maybe you just need to get to a distant outpost for whatever reason.

And if not being able to have a thrall following you is such a hindrance, then that just means you’re weak and Crom doesn’t like you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been on this forum since late last year. During that time people were begging for mounts. Incessantly.

That’s why we have them.

It remains to be seen whether or not they b really add anything to game play.

Still, good on FC for listening to their players and giving them what they want.


The purpose of mounts is to reduce lag by reducing the amount of the very thing most of us enjoy and play this game for. Capturing thralls.

Are there really that much reasons? I will use a horse to run to every location which I dont have. So for discovering locations it could be nice…

At this point basically an enhanced running speed and some roleplaying value. But it comes with a free weakening of the roll dodge.

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Damn I was really hoping for at least being able to carry a knock out thrall home on my horse maybe at later date I’ll just continue restocking my thralls.

I agree, and I am excited not ecstatically so but still excited. I think there will be many improvements to the mounts and their systems in the coming months. First couple I would like is:

  • Saddle bags, giving more storage
  • Thralls can be tied to the saddle when knocked out (just makes sense but I think they had too little time to implement it)
  • The 3D model of the horse (forum post to follow :slight_smile: )

Mainly I think that seeing as we got mounts after nagging and begging etc…maybe we should start
re-focusing our incessant efforts more to the North East of the map? We all want more so why not! :rofl: ( I know the dungeons are supposedly there and so and so forth, but mounts was not possible, yet here we are…)



Got to love Clydesdales though, especially when they are pulling a beer cart :slight_smile:


Be careful what you wish for you might get more map…but we will all have 1 thrall each limit and a base cap of 10 blocks…


Until they implement having thralls follow even when mounted and possibility to drag thralls with the horse it will basically only be good for PvP, RP and PvE-C servers.

I am gonna enjoy using the horse and the lance to run down low level content and at speed.This might be good for dragons and other large content too, if the horse is faster than the dragons attack, one could just charge past, and circle around between attacks. It could be a safer way of killing things like the Yeti, King Rocknose, or such.

I think the real benefit here is gonna be movement speed. It will be great to get across the map faster then normal, and with all that stamina too.

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They said the limit on map size was based off of Unreal Engine, and they more or less maxed it out for whats allowed. Dev’s mentioned they wouldn’t be able to increase map size realistically unless Unreal made some changes (which they do often).

Don’t quote me on it, but if Unreal Engine does upgrade it’s software (as per usual) in a couple years that might be a real possibility for Conan Exiles… if they are still profiting from it, it could make sense.

PC’s can definitely handle it.