How long since you last rode your horse?

I just realized it has been over a week since I last hopped up on any of my horses. Why?

  1. When I go boss hunting, I take an armored thrall.
  2. When I travel, I either use obelisks for quick travel or prefer being on foot for the ease of maneuvering, climbing, jumping, tree avoidance, etc.
  3. If I need a storage companion, I take a Bearer.
  4. When I get into little battles while traveling, the horse gets in my way when I am on foot, or when riding, it takes a lot more work to kill anything but babies, which are pretty easy to run over (I feel terrible saying it).

So what do I use horses for? Decoration!!! I mean, who doesn’t love having stables with horses? It feels right. I love the sounds from them. Very well done.

Am I complaining? Not really. Just realizing that the only value mounts offer me is decoration, but that is a great value, so I’m glad we have them.

Curious what others think, now that we have had them for a while.
I am PvE only.


I haven’t been able to play recently but I never got around to taming one when they released. As is, I cant really see the point other than friendly jousts and like you say, decoration (more so the buildings, since mounts count toward your combat thrall cap). That and RP. I’m sure they’re fantastic for RP

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Yah, essentially the same.

I enjoy riding the horses. I did when the update first came around.

But yah, much like you said (and I originally figured would happen with mounts) they do not carry any real purpose.

Its a distraction to the main game. A reasonably entertaining distraction, and while I thought a foolish addition originally, don’t begrudge the addition now.

However, still essentially just an aside from the game. They really need to add a lot more to the mount system to make it have any value past, essentially what was already discussed, for decoration or RP.

They don’t really provide a benefit in any way, other then just having another side system in the game.

They are bad for fights
They are impossible for thralling
There are better solutions for carrying stuff
They arn’t a significant speed improvement across the map (specially when you take Obs into account)
They arn’t particularly fun to grind the levels for (better then thralls at least)
They arn’t particularly exciting to level as all the perks are pretty boring and outside of Vit, the rest of the stats sort of don’t matter because of the other points raised.

They are as pointless as anyone could have guessed they’d be before their addition.

The saving grace is at least how they operate and ride is pretty enjoyable. So once again I don’t begrudge it.

However, outside of wanting to get on a horse and enjoy riding, well, lots of wasted programming time.

Don’t think I have been on my last horse for about 2 weeks.


While I dont use one, its driven by my base location. Some people I chat with use them a lot with lances in more open areas. I and maybe others have also been really focused on thrall leveling which at some point will likely give way to focusing on the horse again. There was a lot of content and changes in that last patch and much to play with.

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I used one tonight to go hunting bugs to gain favor with Derketo. If I am going to be fighting something nasty, I stick with one of my warrior thralls. However, if I’m going to run to get some materials and I am only fighting the lesser slaves in my kingdom, a horse is faster and does me just fine.

The answer is obvious. They should just remove obelisks. They where only added to make people stop asking for horses to begin with. Might as well get rid of them now that horses are out.


And drag thralls across the entire map again? No thanks


I used it today.
I like the horse, I don’t go on mega farming sprees, so their inventory is big enough for my playstyle.

I don’t depend on thralls, and I really dislike the new leveling system.
I don’t use the transporter room, never even ever built one.

The slight speed gain is fine imho.
I do wish it could be told not to fight.

To each their own.


How long since I last rode my horse? Sunday. Why did I do it? A newbie clan was being pummeled by a Purge. Since their base is not close to any obelisk, I had my horse to follow me, teleported using my map room and rode from there to their base.

Of course, I dismounted before reaching the fight and left the horse at a safe distance, because mounted combat in a Purge is a recipe for disaster. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right. Tell me, do you often find yourself eating with a spork? If not, would you feel better about sporks if someone took all your spoons and forks away?

I know, right? If I build an outpost with a wheel near every major NPC camp, there will be people on forums complaining about how “some people build all over the map without thinking about others” and saying that “you don’t need so many thralls for defense”. But suuuuuure, let’s get rid of map rooms…


Once they add a way to move thralls while mounted as they said they would it wont take long to drag a thrall anywhere.

Depends on the purge. Thrall purges are fun while mounted. Animal purges not so much. I do use a spork. It is a handy utensil that resolves the conflict of picking ether a spoon or a fork while eating Mac & Cheese.

Devs seem to be stubborn in doing thralls their way they think is “best” rather than what the community wants. They have all systems in front of their eyes in Ark. I’m not talking about flying the Wyvern carrying Baryonyx, but rather every dino (thrall) can be set to passive, aggressive and neutral (fighting only when being attacked). You can make teams of dinos (like in real-time strategy game) and assigning them to let’s say 1, 2, 3… that allows you to order them to attack different enemies stop attacking at all (on passive) or retreat (go to location pointed by yourself), and all that can be keyboard binded in the menu. Regarding horse riding horse. Just a horse needs to make a video on how to ride a horse as it is not that obvious. I have immense satisfaction in riding on them. As for maneuverability, in my opinion, it is great and I use mostly that bonny saddle. Ask yourself, are you able to drift the horse? If you don’t, you really need to figure it out because you don’t use the whole capability of the horse.

In the ground combat, I simply use swords with thrust attacks that tend to reach the enemy that horsie is aggressive to or just leave him to that opponent and I grab the aggro of another but I do agree that part is very frustrating. Btw. all that is solved with the sidekick addon.

I’ve said it before but the horses are basically just sports cars. A fun side project but not a day job. Unless you just like making everything harder than it needs to be just get water from the tap instead of walking 10 miles to find a muddy stream to harvest a bucket from then carrion it home so you can boil it for hours then chill it in the refrigerator for another hour all for a drink. Just chose the best option for the job. •Dungeons/thrall hunting=thrall
•mass resource grind=pack elephant
•quick run to trade with the neighbors= horse
•defending an ally=thrall

Horses are great as long as they are kept in perspective. An escape from the monotony or short, safe mission accomplice. But the mounted combat is really just a way to protect yourself and your horse from highwaymen while out for a relaxing ride or sports meet.

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I am constantly riding my horse most everywhere, and when I’m not he and the 10~ other black horses in my stable are mostly decorative because I love the idea of having a small calvary and the sounds that they make when they are just standing around gives a lot of great ambiance to my little fortress.

Now if only they’d add mounted thralls and enemies to the game that would be beyond awesome.

I have a horse, I enjoy it. Use the right tool for the appropriate job. A horse isn’t meant for every situation. I do not support the removal of Obelisks.


The Horses should have been made a mount and not another pet/thrall to me. I want to ride it and it then stays put until I ride it again or have a whistle system to call him back. This way you could take the armored thrall with you. He would run and then teleport like they do now to keep up on foot.

Also, you should have been able to drag a knocked out thrall behind the horse or over the horse’s rear haunch back to base. I don’t ride horses anymore, but they were fun at first. Now we can level thralls that keep dying by walking into some form of death all the time. Thralls need to be smarter too. Thralls should really be working right by now i think, I’ve been waiting since EA. I leave and come back to see if things are getting better, still not there yet.

Just my 2coins…

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I use horses everytime i play (pve)
I don’t support taking maprooms system away but …
When the new map comes out please no obelisks in that one

Horses dont navigate all terrain well. Its not like its bullet time. And why remove a game feature anyway? Not everyone plays pvp and wants to go back and forth across the map or stay stuck in their current corner of the map.


We already have one thread dedicated entirely to dicussing that issue. Did you REALLY have to drag it into this discussion too…!? I will repeat what I posted in the said thread:


This was a statement issued by Robert during the Community Mailbag developer stream on the 10th October.

Twitch Comment: Are you planning on expanding the map when the mounts are implemented or remove the maprooms ? What are the thoughts on that ?

Robert: Maprooms will not be removed and expanding the map won’t happen. Mounts will be very valuable but no, we won’t all of a sudden do something like level the unnamed city to make room for a huge plains. Personally, I was really worried about the more craggier landscapes, but honestly, horse-riding in the desert turned out to work great.

You all can find it here in Multigun’s Dev Stream recap.


I used my horse 12h ago. I love my little mare. Of course, i’m not using her everytime, but i still use her. In fact, thanks to my horsie, I am more incline to do the travels without the maproom, cause i find the riding really enjoyable. I’m not a huge fan of fast travels. Of course, they are nice and really usefull, and I’m using them, but in games, if i’m not in a rush, i like walking, looking at the world and all of that, and with ma horsie, it’s better. And in my opinion, they navigate really well on the terrain.