Horse passenger option?

How cool would it be if you could either have a thrall or other player on the same horse as you, as a passenger, possibly with the ability to ride by and grab their arm and swing them up onto it as your steed gallops off away from danger, or just to travel long distance?

Maybe to offset the potential abuse, the passenger can’t do much of anything (other than dismount), is still vulnerable to attack, and contributes to encumbrance as well.


I like it :+1: I’ve seen a suggestion for wagons before as well. That would be dope, especially if it could hold a bit of farm.

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Nice idea. Perhaps with the addition of having a captured and bound NPC carried sideways in front of you, in a proper kidnapped damsel manner?


I always thought having the addition of a horse should mean you could capture more than one thrall. You could tie a couple to the saddle at least.

Even if it was just one more, that would really help single players.

But the whole passenger idea, I like in general.

Be awesome to have your favourite thrall riding with you, rather than just teleporting randomly about the place.

Honestly I don’t think having a thrall being able to use a weapon while on the horse would effect balance all that much either, I mean they don’t tend to hit anything at the best of times when on foot, let alone when you’re galloping about on horseback.

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Ideally I’d love for thralls to be able to mount up with their own assigned ride, so that the war party and you could ride across the Exiled Lands/Siptah/Wherever together. One of the things about games like The Elder Scrolls Online I like is that when you summon and banish mounts, if you have a Companion with you, they get their own version of that mount that appears/disappears when yours does.

I’d love a big war elephant mount with multiple mount points for archers/spear-throwers.

I don’t really like magic horses appearing/disappearing, but definitely would be nice if thralls could mount their own horses. Unfortunately, they have enough movement bugs as is, so I see it as unlikely.

Personally, having a thrall on a mount if you were on a mount would be nice since they have to follow you.

Think about it as Roach in Witcher 3: the horse is really following you just out of sight, and when you whistle, he gallops to you. Or ends up on an inaccessible roof, or in a tree, or some other inconvenient spot, but that’s just part of the fun.

This idea was briefly addressed in one of the streams, but I can’t remember which one and it would be extra hard to find because of how little time it was discussed.

I think they said it could happen someday, but they currently have no plans to do it.

I have wanted to be able to pull my thrall up behind me ever since mounts launched.


Red Dead Redemption 2 had that cool whistle for your horse mechanic. Even if the game just let your thrall mount up on a horse, like how Saints Row teammates can swipe their own wheels when the ride you jump in lacks enough seats.

I would like a horse as a passenger on a camel.

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