Double rider for horses

a suggestion friends double rider for horses …
it would be great

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Yeah it could be fun to some extend. Will you and your friend be able to both use weapon on your horse? Will the movement speed be reduce? Will the horse use more stamina? If you as the driver jump off the horse those your friend become the driver? Lots of question all coming from a PvP main :grinning:


I don’t care about friends, but I want my thrall to hop on with me so they don’t fall far behind and get easily distracted, stopping to attack every creature they run past.


really like this idea … especially for my following thrall. Once you are riding your horse, you could just tap a key to have your following thrall mount or dismount your horse. Then again, i would prefer it if my thrall could also ride his own horse. But if that’s too much to incorporate, this would be a good alternative. :slight_smile:

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They should probably focus on balancing the horses first.

Then they can mixture with stuff like this. Thralls on horse no ty. Can just imagine how awful that would be. Especially when thralls on ground dont work properly.

Nah, for me as a PVP player I rather see them fix their stuff before trying on something totally different. This could be a mission for mods to do, if it’s not already possible.

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for both PVP and PVE…I mean at what point do we get to face-plant easy on the PVE stuff?

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dual wield battle chickens


I think they are working to fix several things but adding content does not hurt

Great with thralls I only suggested for players. Thanks for the post

There is no reason to dig a deeper hole before they fix the stuff they need fixed

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