Mountable Thralls

Now I know what’re you thinking, and yes, I’m aware that Funcom has strayed away from the mounts idea cause of rendering issues and going too fast.

But ah wait, I have a new dumb idea. How about certain pets have a thrall slot, and we can put Archer Thralls onto them. Or a new class of Thralls known as Riders or something. The point being, I want my thralls to ride animals The animal AI should function the same but now they have a buddy ontop shooting or hitting away at whatever the animal is irate at.


This is rather a cool idea, and may be possible.

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Now I see my thralls ridings turan rhinos all over the desert map.

Or even better ! Fighters with axes on top of mammuths ! (with the good sound : )


No, players can’t have mounts. Thralls can’t have mounts.

Welp, i thought we were gonna get piggy back rides here … guess well need a mod for that.

This is a pretty cool idea. I would like camal calvery … or bear calvery … we should have bear calvery.

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Why can’t thralls have mounts

Players can’t have mounts that is why.

Players also don’t have infinite ammo, or teleport out of nowhere. NPCs have no durability, don’t use the weather or thirst or hunger system.

Look, the thralls don’t use the same rule systems as players. Just think of some animals as a station with the thrall slot. So imagine placing a rider/archer/fighter thrall onto an animal that has a thrall slot.

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Having mounts for thralls unbalanced the game. For all game modes.

Not really as the thralls would be stuck with what they are armed with when knocked out if they are similar to the crafting thralls. The only thing it would add is a ranged attack to creatures that don’t have one

Why would this disbalancing the game for you? Mounts used, may not be able to move faster than a player. It can only be off balance if thralls would gain an unreasonable advantage.


If you are looking for mountable thralls pick up the conan sexiles mod. winks


Name the reasons players don’t get mounts.

Players would move too fast for the engine to render terrain.

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I think you are mixing things up here. The reasons for not having mounts have nothing to do with balacing. But it’s true that the mentioned obstacles and technical limitations of the current game are viable for “thrall mounts” aswell. Anyway I can imagine scenarios of some kind of mounts that doesn’t violate the aforementioned issues. For example you could think of some kind of mobile siege device (tower, basilisk, catapult) that you have to build in your carpenters bench, very heavy (like 100 kg), you have to place on the ground. Afterwards you have to put an animal or thrall in its slot that can drag it. Only the you are able to give the follow command on it. It wont be faster then a running player, maybe even slower. Or you could have a thrall slot on a carrier animal like turan elephants to give them some extra protection. There movement pattern doesn’t need to change at all.


I remember hearing they were developing mounts but while testing people kept fall off of them. Perhaps balancing was the reason? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Oh, completely missed that! So how can we put this into the picture? Maybe some perk in agility for better riding posture? Come on girls, show me your best riding posture! :wink:

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Exactly! Their movement AI would be the same as before so it wouldn’t have any issue. If anything, they could make the animal pets go a little bit slower cause of the extra weight, but there’s no real need to.

I just think an archer shooting off a elephant would be cool.


If players can’t have mounts. Then thralls can’t have mounts.