NPCs using Mounts

I think this would be a nice feature to have down the road. Maybe allow thralls you have on defense to mount player owned horses and fight on them during battles, and give them to NPC exiles for mounted patrols and scouts around camps to bring more pressure during raids on NPC camps.

AI would probably need a big overhaul so this is more of a in the distant future kind of suggestion.


The Dev team addressed this in one of their streams. They don’t want to look at thralls on mounts until the A.I. is improved. (Implying that they are working on A.I. but not out right saying it.)


Fair enough. They definitely need some work on pathfinding before we throw mounts in too. :wink:

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From Multigun’s Developer Stream Recap: December 12th, 2019

This is what was said about Thralls on horses:

“Thralls on horseback is a different matter entirely. Alex talked about the problems with the AI in its current state. Spending energy on adding Thralls on horseback now would be a misuses of energy if they ignore the other issues with the AI first. He recognizes the fun in having that implemented, but there are more pressing issues that need to be handled.”


Did he mention what their priorities are in thrall AI development? I’d like to see village behavior and maybe the ability to open doors that aren’t locked or break down enemy doors. There’s a lot of things I’m excited to see done with thrall AI actually. :grinning:

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