Thralls > Mounts

Its been noted that you will not be able to have a thrall follow you when you use a mount.

So this must imply that mounted combat is gonna be on par with a Player + a Thrall/Pet combo. Which in turn begs the question… Will you effectively be able to run dungeons on your mount?

Will you be able to navigate thru the dungeons on your mount?

To me, the way the game is currently setup its obvious that using a thrall will always be more effective than having a huge door blocking pet or a mount that can only be used in adapted game scenario’s.

How can this be balanced and is the rest of the game prepared for this huge change to game balance?

I listened to the livestream on the new Thrall Leveling and Follower Limit today and I do not recall that being discussed in regards to being able to ride into dungeons or if there is additional damage caused during mounted combat.

That’s a very good question but considering the other changes coming with the same update I feel like the dynamic will change more in favor of choosing whether you’re able to travel significantly faster and be able to fight while mounted vs traveling slower but being able to take a thrall to do World Bosses ECT.
It might wind up being possible to do dungeons and bosses while mounted but I certainly don’t think it should be on par with using a thrall. It should be a choice between mobility over clearing content ECT
Also, Lances are most likely being added for mounted combat to take a look at the post I made about today’s dev Stream I caught something most people seem to have missed.

Yeah, I kinda doubt it. Just got this image of trying to navigate a horse through The Dregs. Doesn’t really work.

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