I don't want mounts as companions, I want a mount

I don’t want a mount as a companion, I want a mount for my companion thrall.

Really. I can’t see myself using a mount in Exiles with no companion. I’ll just run or swim etc.


I just want a mount like that.
I’ll use the obelisks for traveling anyway.
In the meantime, people have gotten used to doing everything on foot.

i agree i want a mount for myself and my companion, not just me.

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Its ok to run or swim… U can have a mount,that does not means that u have to use it!!!

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It is a good point that we all want to be able to take our follower with us when going for a ride.

Maybe they could make it so your follower could sit behind you on the mount?

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I am not fond of followers… I have a follower with me extremely rare… And btw when u run away faster than a follower can, he ports at u, so no worries, he will keepup

As long as the mount cannot use a truncheon, thralls will always be better than any pet/mount.


Mounts are followers. So no need to worry about any other follower while riding.

Unless you are playing with mods and have more than one follower of course.

Then the followers could run behind the mount. It’ll good for their health to do some sports.

I agree completely, they need to keep in shape.

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