What do you think about the possibility of being able to be on a mount with a thrall following behind?

In the latest producer letter posted by @Spynosaur_Nicole (Here) one thing that was stated was that they were working on an option to be able to ride a mount while also having an active follower. I’m curious as to what the community thinks about this possibility. :slight_smile:


I will do you one better. What if you could mount a horse while holding a bound thrall with bindings?


I wouldn’t mind being able to pull knocked out thralls while on a horse, especially when I go on mad thrall runs.


I won’t be happy until I can mount a horse, and then mount that horse on another horse and ride it around.


I’d like to ride a horse and have my Thrall riding another horse after me. I have some extra horses and do not know where to use them, and this would look good I think :wink:


You forgot to add that that second horse needs to then be able to ride a thrall which can carry all three of you from place to place… come on Conan that’s the kind of realism we are all craving.

On a serious note I’m sure most people will be happy with this, I mean there is even a mod that allowed you to have two followers at a time and it seemed to work well from what I could tell. Would be nice if thats what they update, just allow you to have two followers of your choice, that way players can either bring two thralls, or a horse and a thrall, two pets or pet and thrall, pet and horse, mix and match as players see fit.

Something else I am still hoping for in the future is the possibility of other mount types, Imagine being able to ride your wolf or sabertooth around into battle. I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon with all the changes and new stuff Funcom on working on with the new map and such, but perhaps one day.


I would certainly use a horse more! Butt Stallion may be loyal, but he’ll never be as useful as The Dude with the Big Pointy Stick.


The biggest disappointment I have with mounts is that you can’t have a follower with you while riding. I never ride my horse because of it. I want my dog and horse with me at all times.

I don’t like the idea of riding any of the dogs or cats but there’s no reason we can’t ride an elephant or rhino.

I wish the follower limit could be set by the admin but that’s not realistic. Riding plus 1 follower seems the easiest/best solution over having 2 followers. I’d like to be able to have a thrall on a mount to follow or guard while riding. Or be able to lead a deer or antelope on a leash with a follower in tow.

The biggest reason I’d want more followers is to carry more stuff. I think we should be able to craft gear like saddlebags for pets that would give them a bearer’s inventory space or better. Live the life of a Nomad in the Exile lands.

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For PVE and RP I can see people having fun with it I guess. From PVP perspective, it would make the PVP even worse.



I might finally start to ride my horse more often if I can bring a thrall or pet along with me, so I’m cautiously excited about the prospect.

That said, this change really needs to incorporate having the horse’s behavior default to combat avoidance if you dismount and start going toe-to-toe. The fact that horses, rhinos, camels, etc. want to run around like the proverbial chicken with it’s head cut off when you are in melee is the biggest reason I don’t ride mine often.


This would be a nice addition, but they would then definitely need to nerf thralls damage and HP. Imagine how quickly you would eat thru a boss with two LEVEL 20 Named Volcano Thralls if they let you have 2 followers at today’s stats for thralls.

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That would be most welcome :smiley:

On a more serious note, they should probably nerf damage and HP even if they only allow the mount+thrall scenario, because the damage output while mounted is quite high. Add a thrall on top of that and it becomes ludicrous.


Things we need to see happen with mounts:

Friends to ride with you.
Thralls to ride with you.
Thralls riding mounts.
Knocked out NPCs dragged behind the horse.

Yes indeed. When a player with lance one hits, the thrall would do the same if it was put through. They really need to nerf thralls so u cant rely on that the thrall will kill everything that comes in your way.

It kinda kills the aspect of even having weapons on you, and not just only go encum spec all the time. So yes, hopefully they can listen to that and nerf the thrall dmg atleast.

So so excited

Not as cools as being on a mount followed by a thrall on it’s own mount.

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