Suggestion: NPC Mounted Fighters

Greetings Exiles.

Its been a while since Croms_Faithful has put out a suggestion request, but here is one. I was recently riding across the Exiled Lands in search of adventure, sitting atop my black black horse with his silent legion saddle, wind in in my characters hair when I paused for thought. It occurred to me that we can enjoy the thrill of battling enemies either on foot or in mounted combat in PvP and PvE-C mode, but in PvE and Singleplayer mode, we cannot partake in the same pleasures. Sure PvE players can fight side by side on horseback (Singleplayers cannot do either) with their clanmates, but we cannot actually engage enemies mounted on horseback, or for that matter even encounter them!

From a lore standpoint the Exiled Lands, and yes the Isle of Siptah too, has fixed, well equipped settlements with dozens, perhaps in some cases even hundreds of denizens, and even pets. Then we have have a robust population of wild horses (yes in foal form), but it would seem that from a design perspective at least, that not one of these people has ever thought to capture and domesticate these horses and used them as a mount! Not even in the well stocked and heavily fortified larger settlements and biome capitals such as Sepermeru or New Asgaard and the Summoning Place. Getting to the point, I feel that if it is technically feisable , it would be amazing if we could have a handful of NPCs spawn in on mounts so that PvE and Singleplayers may experience the fun of combatting them also. Even just a couple at biome capitals would scratch the itch and add a lot in terms of combat variety and immersion. Therefore…


I would like to politely request that we add some enemy NPC mobs on mounts into the game so that PvE and Singleplayers may enjoy mounted combat also.


*PS- now just to be clear here, I am NOT requesting that we be allowed to steal NPCs horses and ride off into the sunrise Red Dead Redemption style. Only that we can fight and kill some riders on horseback.


I have no idea if it’s feasible from the tech standpoint – and I’m not even going to try to speculate – but I would abso-freaking-lutely love to have it in the game!

I do wonder, though, if it would open the Pandora’s Box of thralls on horses.


I like it. The technical limitations of the game may not allow for it (We struggle with bad thrall AI already), but I’d love some good old Mongolian Riders style purges if nothing else.


I feel like thralls on horses would be cool if and only if they can’t use lances. Lances are a peculiar weapon, and I fell like the thrall AI would absolutely crap on them. Plus, I don’t want to get lanced by a thrall whose stamina never runs out lol

If riders don’t go faster than horses, then it is feasible. Maybe not what you want…

I turned off the battle music, so I can hear the footsteps. I mean, using a lance is silent but the horse is not. I think players can handle it even with lances.

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The issue isn’t the sounds, but rather the damage mechanics when thralls are involved. A Cimmerian berserker with its 2x damage multiplier, charging on a horse with an epic T4-crafted lance with a pork buff just sounds… terrifying. Now combine that with another player who is using a str build with the stacking buffs discussed in another thread.

That is a world I do not want to live in.

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I’ve had 20 beserkers killed in one sweep while offline, all by one beserker. I haven’t seen a patch note that hints it fixed the exploit. I was down to a thrall pot to try to serve my beserkers, but it is not fast enough.

You’ll have to be more specific if it matters. I run solo with a heavy build on officials. It’s not like private servers that have more attributes to assign, which eventually makes everybody equal (if you play on that kind of private server with more attribute points).

Now if the mount is more unique than a horse, this sounds barbaric. You’ll have to swag the unique mount. I’m thinking it can’t be only nursed by the pens, and it can only be found in the wild… or another player is riding it. I’ll shelf it if this isn’t cool.

Barbaric and anything else that is primitive (than stone age) is good for this game.

Before they made mounts passive, horses knew how to fight, so horse AI should already exist. I wouldn’t think modifying it for a rider to attack instead of the horse itself should be much more difficult.

If a rider on top of a horse would present an AI challenge, they could make both the rider and horse a single character that only looks like a thrall on top of a horse.

Though if combat and respawning as one wouldn’t be too much of an issue, it would be more fun if you could kill the rider and horse independently from each other and have a dismounted rider become a regular fighter or the riderless horse become a wild horse.

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In a situation like this - I doubt that it’d be an enemy that is separate from the mount. Best example I can think of off the top of my head would be the boar-mounted Reiklings from Skyrim. You got boars that are their own creatures, you got reiklings that are their own creatures, and the boar-riding ones are just the two of them mashed together into a single entity and animated as such. I mean, I really can’t see any other way of it being feasible.

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All equipped with bows, lol. I love it.


I like the idea! I don’t expect it to happen, but yeah, good idea! Sounds like fun!


Gotcha. The buff routine is as follows:

40x2.5 (STR)x1.055(Edgesmith) x1.5 (Goblinoid Helm) x1.5 (Berserker Draught) which comes out to approx 237. again before charging multipliers. This is also assuming that the percentages are calculating multiplicatively and not additively. If it’s additive, then the numbers climb even higher.

If we take into account the STR50 perk, then the damage total is around 356. Just for completeness’s sake

Basically, the buff routine is getting strength as high as possible, put an Oil of Agony on the lance, then using the Goblinoid helm+Berserker Draught to get ridiculous damage multipliers.


Myself either buddy, just thought I would put it out there. And thankyou very much for your support! There may be a few members with the technical smarts out there to answer this for us, so if they would like to answer I would be happy to receive some education.

That concept had honestly never crossed my mind. And on the record I personally would rather not have thralls on horses. All I wanted, and at least all I had in mind when generating this particular suggestion was to have some enemy NPC mobs attack on horseback so that I could enjoy some mounted duels. For example an enemy or two at New Asgaard or Sepermeru on horseback. :smile:


Thankyou all very much for your support and positive replies peoples I appreciate it! And for the record, I would also love, and I do mean love to have a horseriders Purge! More variety and challenge in the one package.


I will try my best to get to some more individual replies over the course of the week.


Better late than never they say…
I don’t understand and sometimes it is highly annoying that some posts, so beautiful posts for dreams and light conversations are buried under hundreds of locked threads and the op must refresh them so we can actually see them and reply to them… Anyway…
I love it, I want it, it’s brilliant and why not, adding in this dream, another dungeon that you can enter only with a horse, without a thrall, and to be able to finish it only on your horse back. If you’re dismounted or dead, you teleport outside of the dungeon. Yes, bring it on, like it love it in the first site. Brilliant idea @Croms_Faithful thanks man, you read my mind, love you for that dude :+1:t6:


I too would love to see this.


I’m just thinking of an Arena Champion with their 10.0 MDM and a Lance… :melting_face:


With the ai not being the strong point of this game , i would prefer resources of the devs to be put down to improve ai or adjust rest bad things this game has rather than introducing more… After the ai improvement , change of attacks (like not seeing rotating dragons or ninja cats that teleport around u , or scorpion king hitbox to be 10 meters in front of his pinchers, ) i could discuss this briliant idea (like lets say mounted warriors in purges)…

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