Mounts coming to Conan Exiles.. Where is the excitement?

Havent u watched the stream yesterday? Last second of the stream they showed a riding horse. Mount is by far the most missed feature from early access.

Seems like they have fixed the technical issue and maybe this is the special surprise thats going to be revealed at twitchcon. We will here more today! :smiley:


Wishful thinking or is this legit? I was just wandering the desert looking for feathers (!!!) and wished I had a horse… all I found were hungry sand beasts and the grave :frowning:

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com8n in december

That is the special TwitchCon surprise. Mounts are playable on the show floor :slight_smile:


I have no idea why there is so much need fpr Mounts.
The Map is not as so much big. You are everywhere within Minutes. Especially
when your Base is in a smart,central Position. And Mounts are not a reason to play
Conan new or longer

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Oh, well if they’re playable, could you maybe answer some of my burning questions?

Is there mounted combat? EDIT: The trailer description confirms this, nice.

Does the mount count towards your one companion limit?

Will the mount fight when you’re dismounted?

Can you be forceably dismounted?

Can you mount more than horses?


I am exited about the idea of having mounts in the game. I agree they would be a nice feature, although the game is fun even without them

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Well done to the FC team for making this happen. It should breathe new life into the game and more players.

Well, down side of this is, that nobody will ever take a no from Funcom as a secure thing and will keep speculating and asking. It’s not the worst thing but still important in player developer relationship.
Personally I was more excited about sorcery than about mounts. Still very good news for the game!

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Wow it’s legit?

You guys just sold a DLC bundle!

Gives me hope for some soul corrupting crazy magic in time <3

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What with all the fixes still needed, this is about the last thing I want.

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With the majority of bases so big that they don’t load up for a minute or two when you run up on them now has loading of building been improved to coincide with the release of mounts?

Why bother with mounts it will be just another ■■■■ up, the servers are so poor even with 30/40 players Gportal, add in mounts just another thing the servers have to handle. They will lag an skip all over the place.

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Sorry for the late reply!

  1. Yes, there’s mounted combat
  2. That’s the idea
  3. It’s something we’re looking into, but I can’t say definitively that it will make it in
  4. Yes
  5. Horses only

Can you have mounts for your thralls? (Asking the real questions here :))

I have to say I’m really curious how well the horses will be able to travel on the various landscape features… I can already foresee pve trolls spamming low foundation walls across passageways just to *** you off.

Thralls won’t be able to mount up and ride, unfortunately. Mounts will only be available for players.

maybe for a later update ?

They just need to take classes from the Skyrim horses. Vertical ascent capabilities to make a jetpack jealous!

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Probably can’t answer this but, is this a short term or long term decision? I assume it’s a “we’ll see answer.”

Either way, I’m sure the Modding community will be going bananas with making mount mods, depending on how moddable the assets are of course.