Any feedback from twitchcom show floor testing on mounts

Just wondering, for a friend. FC said twitch-com had a playable beta of mounts. Or did anyone who tested it out have to sign a Star Wars/Marvel style non-disclosure agreement :slight_smile:

Hey @WhatMightHaveBeen

We shared a few videos in our official SoMe channels showcasing some OtS shots of the mounts demo at Twitchcon :slight_smile:


This is a little off topic but what is an can be done about players using 3rd party programmes in game, mainly pvp servers, if you dont know its called lag switching/ net clicker trottles the bandwidth so even though the server pinging to the client is normal uploaded its restricted so the player using the programme glitches/teleports/lags around but he can play normally but who ever is seeing him is at a massive disadvantage.

Wondering if funcom are aware & actually care about doing something. Other games have controls inplace that combat this.

Yeah, was also amazed about the lack of any posts from Twitchcon… It looks like no one who is active her (or on reddit) was at Twitchcon.

But then again, it was in the San Diego, USA and thats pretty far from Vienna…

Just a little? …

Here is a post somebody made on Steam. Note, very much unconfirmed, grain of salt should be considered. It’s the only post I’ve found with some info though, and at least appears to be accurate as far as I can tell.

A twitch streamer stopped by my discord and shared a couple of images of him riding the undead horse. Looks pretty neat.


So once we stop beating the dead horse that is “we want to have mounts in Conan Exiles” we can raise that horse as a zombie and ride it? I feel like there’s a punchline here somewhere.

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