Are we ever getting mounts?

Hey everyone,

I’m a long time player of Conan have been playing since early access. One of the things that I remember can was “promised” was mounts. Although, it looks like that this might not be happening as the map room is a thing. Is there any word on this aspect of the game? Or does anyone know whether this will be something added after release?

Mounts have been cancelled permanently, there is an issue with the way the map was designed and built that will NOT allow them to work in Conan Exiles. They would have to start from scratch and redesign the entire map from ground up. AS I understand it from one of the dev streams.

There are several threads on this topic already. Some of them go into a lot of detail.
Just click that search icon at the top right and type in “mounts”.

I dont want a mount… O want to be able to play the game!!! Fix the servers problems before

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