Will there be post-launch support for this game?

I would still love to see a mount/sorcery/settlement system in the future, and I’m hoping that the devs support this game with future content and even an expansion at some point, because I would pay for it.

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Their plan is to support the game post launch. They did say that features that were cut from early access/launch (mounts, sorcery, etc) if possible to complete these features will be added in the future as free DLC.

As for paid DLC I don’t think they’ve mentioned any but I wouldn’t doubt that down the road there will be. Bug fixes and such will be ongoing I assume as well.

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As I see it:
Mounts are scrapped in favor of the obelisk system.
New settlement “system” will be coming in bits here and there - mostly in form of neutral settlements with vendors selling stuff.
Sorcery is very far away and most likely will come as a $19.99 DLC.

“What we do want to make very clear is that we will never lock features we have talked about for Early Access behind paid content updates. If at some point after launch we can implement mounts, sorcery, or any of these features that we wanted to introduce in Early Access, we will make sure these are available freely to everyone.”


not to mention that huge space north of the swamp.
I bet my hearth to Set that we will se a full square map someday

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I really do hope so. But i think they “have to” implement what they promiced early about sorcery etc before they make a paid expantion. My guess is that they implement sorcery within 3-6 months and maybe they make mounts, but then they will not go very fast. like 10% faster than sprint or something (due to the rendering issue). not think they gonna remake the whole architecture in the game couse of mounts. The settlement will keep improving in bits and pieces. Remember they are starting with a new conan game after release. so i guess they will only like have 10 people working on it or so. For them to earn more money after a while they should make a big expantion with the rest of the map all together for like 19.99 or something. just my guess though

“The Conan Exiles team is focused on Conan Exiles and the plan is to continue supporting Conan Exiles after full launch on May 8th. We have said previously that we probably will do another Conan game, but what that game is remains to be seen. For now we’re 100% in on Exiles.” J.Erik

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As much as I love the game the only way they will keep supporting the game pass one or two updates it’s only if the game will sell

It’s true. They’re a professional company, and they’ll decide what direction to move in after seeing the sales figures.

I’m hoping that even if they do decide to move onto a different game, they at least keep some of the team working on Conan Exiles for a while. Not just patches, but new content.

Most people / streamers I’ve talked to think that Conan Exiles already ‘released’ when it started Early Access. Hopefully we’ll see a big resurgence of returning players, as well as new players riding in on the hype wave.

Well the it’s all up to the combat system and how well or bad it will be in the eyes of the players personal I love it.

Funcom to their credit aren’t the type of company to just dump a game on the market then wash their hands of it. You only have to look at their continuing support of games like Age of Conan and Secret World as evidence of this. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that they will continue to support Conan Exiles for quite some time.


Hope you are right

With mods the players can keep the game rolling indefinitely. The only important thing is for Funcom to make a good foundation. If they add sorcery I think most will be content to let modders do the rest.

Mounts will never happen and with pack thralls/obelisks, they aren’t really needed.

Joel hinted at a pet system that will likely be coming up sometime in the future.

But then again, they’re well into the pre-release crunch, so their heads might not be on straight right now. But it sounds promising.

Keyword is “Once”, being used in place of “If”. It’s either a sure thing, or he at least thinks so.

There is some fluidity with language here. Though “once” strongly implies certainty, it is still indefinite. That “once” could be far in the future and may never occur. In this usage, Joel may be more likely saying that before something like that could happen a pet system would have to be implemented. There was also a smiley emote that could imply that he may not have read the original request as serious and was responding as if a joke. I would caution against reading too much into such a statement.