Will there be any new patches with content soon?

Title basically. I’ve been away for a while, curious if there’s something new coming?

Mounts in December and the last DLC will also come this year.

Mounts? Sweet. Do you have a link to the article?

Hey there,

Yes, mounts will be added in December, see

Except from more dungeons, I don’t know what’s past the current (financial) calendar. Most of what’s been mentioned has been implemented, see

Here are many infos about it: Mounts coming to Conan Exiles.. Where is the excitement?

Edit: @jot29, any remaining details from the above thread have been added to the wiki. :ok_hand:

If anyone sees any footage from the demo anywhere which isn’t on the wiki, please let me know in a DM if possible. I’ll add it asap.

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