Mounts, fast travel, and decay 2019?

When will we see CE move forward? adding Mounts, adding more than 2 re-spawn points (thus fast travel), and rework the decay timer situation???

Ark and Fallout 76 have made steps to address these issues. Fallout 76 after 1 year is about to revamp their whole game while Ark has massive content only after a few years.

even if i switched to playing the PC version (to avoid the PS4 pro lag drama), the game is really not on par with the above games. CE is like a movie that has great actors and special effects, but nothing else works.

where are the Mounts?

Dead, gone and never gonna happen. Also see here:


The map is nowhere near big enough to require a mount.


Hello @Castle117c, thank you for sharing your feedback and concerns with us.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and we respect yours as much as we hope that you respect our, as we believe that Conan Exiles still has plenty to offer in a way that it can co-exist with other titles that share its mechanics and genre. Nevertheless, we’re continuously working on adding new content while also doing everything in our reach to address all the issues that are reported, and consider all suggestions & constructive criticism that is gathered from our community.

There is still plenty in store for the future of Conan Exiles, and we hope that you stick with us all the way!

The Updates and Bug section, however, is not the ideal place for this sort of discussion, which is why the topic has been moved to a more adequate one.


Not really seeing a suggestion here. Looks like you just came to the forums to rag on Funcom, and make a poor trolling attempt at claiming Ark is better. And basically what Funcom is willing to do to keep you, or get you to return, as a player.

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Could you elaborate more?

i think he mean bethesda wan’t to push dust under the carpet xD

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I’m interested about how they are gonna do that. :joy:

I could not disagree with you more. Mounts? No need for them, yeah it’d be cool to ride a pet somewhere but honestly, this map, as big as it is, it not large enough to need maps. We have maprooms for that.

Same thing with “more than two spawn points”. It’s actually 3 but adding more spawn points would make the game ridiculously easy to abuse. Imagine someone raiding your base and you kill them, so you look for their bedrolls. You find them, they are suddenly behind you and kill you . Then they run in your base, destroy your beds and now they have control of your base. Why? because they created a distraction. They made easy to find bedrolls so you’d come destroy them. Then they spawned at another spawn location and snuck in behind you.

No, more spawn points is a bad idea.

Fallout and Ark are garbage compared to Conan (IMHO). I was NEVER a Fallout fan. It just did anything for me. And Ark, while cool never created the addicting gameplay that Conan has (for me). I’m literally on at 6 am and play till 3 am on Conan (Yup, need help)…I may need to speak to someone about this soon. LOL

I’m confused as to what doesn’t work for you??? There doesn’t seem to be anything broken on my end. I mean, other than internet traffic related issues. Can’t render something if the data is not getting to your machine fast enough. That’s not Conan’s fault, that’s your IP.

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You may want to try the first Fallout installment. If you like it, then the second one works for you too. However, after Bethesda took the IP the downhill began. I mean I bought the 4th one to see if anything had changed, but my brother ended up playing it instead. I recognise the fun in those installments and the potential, but the feel isn’t there anymore. It’s like the ambition that was there around the first and the second got replaced by obsession (coz incompetent enough supervisor took the reigns).

I have Fallout 3 and New Vegas, the full DLC included versions for PS3. I played them some, just the setting never really clicked for me. I couldn’t get into them.

Preference… I wouldn’t mind a mount.

Though, how I understand it, not possible due to how they originally built the world.
(UE4 was new to them, built it for PC, and didn’t realize what the current gen consoles required)

Kinda the same with how map expansions happen. (dungeons vs. free-roam)
Though, this was an UE4 issue at the time - (now, it totally supports large open-worlds - though you better dig up how to set it up correctly.)

Yes, ARK: Survival Evolved does have a single player mode, but don’t expect melee combat as in-depth as what you see in Exiles, melee weapons just get swung around, there’s no combos, the meat of the combat in ARK is ranged.

The slightest bit of research on these forums would have provided your answer.

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