When will we have MOUNTS?

Game mode: online

When will we have mounts ?
keep me updated please

When they hopefully fix the game to they can prioritize adding new stuff.


Yeah, last thing we need at this point is more stuff to potentially break more things that are already broken.

Be like trying to put out a fire with more fuel.

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Mounts will not go in until they unveil an entirely new map. I’d say you’re looking at a good year or so. The whole reason for the map room being added to the game is that mounts were cancelled from the current project.

Right, something about not being able to resolve framerate issues. I hadn’t heard anything about a new map though?

That’s why I said at least a year. There are no plans at the moment. At least nothing that’s ready to be presented in a roadmap

This has been addressed here in many threads there will be no mounts as of this time they tested them and were not functional on current map design so they were cut.

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I think this game doenst Need that, It Will diminish the entire concept of the game that is to be carefull when adventuring.

This is true! I couldn’t agree more! Although if they make it like ESO/Neverwinter mounts that can do no physical harm but will unmount you upon taking damage then that fixes the problem! So if you’re trying to run through an NPC camp the archers will be able to unmount you etc…

Conan is about the slog of rough life though… so the lack of mounts specifically contributes to the atmosphere of the game.

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Do you have a source for that map room information or are you assuming?

Map is too small for even considering mounts

The map is too small to warrant speedy mounts. And with the screwed up way encumberance works there is no reason in having pack mules etc.

I heard joel say something about thrall specialization…id rather them work on that. So thralls are actually unique and collectable.

Oh and the purge …lol

I wan’t all the missing stuff from the the PC version to be implemented in the console version first. Stuff adding new content just give us the full game please!

What missing stuff from the Pc u talking? Please Tell me.

You have played both?

You don’t see the missing Chat box?
How about the Hotbar with fewer items on it?
Ever tried to search your crafting menu?
How about the first time you navigated your Inventory/Feats window? Not all instructions on how to do so are listed.

There is a load of differences between the PC and console versions that have been omitted or changed for no good reason. I am not going to list them all here for you. If you have played both you know exactly what I am talking about and there is no excuse for them to be missing.


I never had the chance to play the Pc version. I wish i had a good PC to play It and never Go back to the console version because right now its Very unplayable to me.

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I love the game I just wish the Console version was like the PC version. Nothing quite like laying back in my sofa and playing a bit of Conan. Unfortunately ATM I can’t because there is no way at all to communicate with the rest of the server and with a missing search shortcut on the crafting menu it takes forever to find stuff.

The PS4 version is just all PvP which I hate, I’d rather roleplay before any structured combat happens.

The console version of the game is just a pile of piss!


Communication definitely need to be resolved, and from what I’ve heard that might not even happen because, get this, it’s too hard. Or in their words, “Proving to be more difficult than they previously expected so it might not happen”…

So that’s it? Something to difficult at work so you just don’t do it? Fuсk me, how do I get hired there?

How the fuсk do you make an intended to be played online game with no reliable means of communication between players? Seriously.

How you get a job there? Probably like everyone else. Pretend your good at your job. :smiley:

No it is not hard or complex to do at all since every other MMO on the PS4 can easily do it :Cough: Elder Scrolls Online :Cough:

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